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Automated T&E Expense Audit and Compliance Review Using Data Analytics

Are you spending a lot on manual effort to dig through expense reports? Are you auditing only a sample of the transactions that increases risk due to the un-reviewed activity? Are you overwhelmed to make sense from the ever increasing T&E data? Have you been able to tell the right story from this data by using analytics efficiently? Businesses that embrace analytics experience T&E savings of more than 30 % thus leading to better transparency of claims and reimbursement. Join us on Wednesday, March 23rd at 11:00 am EST for “Automated T&E Expense Audit and Compliance Review by Using Data Analytics” where Milan Desai, head technology at EzDataMunch will cover the following critical points:

  • Claims for items used for personal reasons (gas, groceries, hotels).
  • Claims for travel and entertainment that never materialized (canceled airline tickets, seminars, conferences, conventions, tuition, professional dues). 
  • Claims for items that were never purchased (office supplies, gifts for clients). 
  • Policy violations on Air travel, car rental, car / cab services, hotel stay and others. 
  • Collusion among employees who both bill separately for travel or mileage when they travel together. 
  • Falsified or manipulated receipts. 
  • Claims for meals or entertainment in excess of allowed per diem. 
  • Additional tips, tolls, or parking in amounts greater than what was already claimed. 
  • Flights in first class when more modest means were available. 
  • Inflated mileage totals on personal car usage.

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Check out this 3 minute video to get insight of T&E Audit and Compliance review.

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