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In business, artificial intelligence is playing an important role in maximizing the success rate in the business industry. Artificial intelligence has given humans a new approach to create a new environment in the world of computing. Digital technologies have replaced the generation with the adaptation of communication, learning, shopping and play.
Digital technologies have made life easier for humans to think smarter and more productive for business. Advances in AI are giving rise to computing systems that can see, hear, learn, and reason for new opportunities to improve education, healthcare, overcome poverty, and achieve a more sustainable future.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a collection of concepts and technologies that make it possible for machines to learn from experience, adapt to new inputs, and perform human-like tasks. Machines today are programmed to understand user needs and desires based on context, as dependent on direct device input. AI has gained much traction and will continue to gain popularity in the coming years.
AI Programming works on 3 perspectives:

Learning Phase:
In this phase AI focus on collecting data and creating protocols for making data to perform actionable information. Algorithms are implemented on the computer devices with step-by-step instruction for specific job work.

Logic Phase: The logic phase is a selection phase where the algorithm is selected to complete the task with the desired output.

Self-correction phase: This aspect of AI programming is designed for consistently fine algorithms and ensures that they provide the most accurate results.

artificial intelligence for business

Why is Artificial Intelligence Important?

Artificial intelligence provides a benefit to those companies who are extracting the values from the data by automating and optimizing processes or producing actionable insights. There are several works that are difficult for humans to identify like pattern recognition, personalized communications, predict critical care events, identify likely fraudulent transactions, etc, but artificial intelligence introduces machine learning which can perform any action with high-efficiency rates.

List of benefits by artificial intelligence for business:

  • AI helps in Economy, Business and Industries:

The use of AI business improves its economy by helping in the development of work. Now AI has found alternatives to humans like robots and bots that perform their tasks better. The combination of man and machine will be invincible.
Deep learning and machine learning always benefit the business and definitely increase the efficiency of the business. This is much less likely to make errors or mistakes when humans are replaced with AI.
Facial recognition, pattern recognition and digital content analysis will be huge. Educational research, health science and technology companies will enjoy enhanced capabilities.

  • Speed of AI Implementation:

AI implementation in the business is one of the fastest growing corners with high-speed performance. Many new technologies have been introduced, but due to its performance degradation it was not intact in the environment.

  • AI impact on Humanity and Society:

AI increases throughput and efficiency, helping people create new opportunities. We are talking about new streams for revenue generation, savings and jobs.

  • Competitive Advantages for Companies:

Both large and small companies can implement AI, and those who do it first, and correctly, will enjoy astonishing competitive advantage.

  • Helps to Collaborate Between Private and Public Sectors:

Research and development of AI should not be only in large tech companies. Instead, there is a need for strong and open cooperation between international as well as companies of all sizes, and between the public and private sectors.

Artificial Intelligence impact on business

artificial intelligence for business

By applying the right AI technology, your business can achieve the following:

  • Business can improve productivity and operational work efficiency.
  • Business can able to take necessary steps at any time based on the output from cognitive technologies.
  • Avoid mistakes and ‘human error’, provided the AI system is properly installed.
  • Business can increase revenue by identifying and maximising sales opportunities
  • Business can save time and expense by optimizing the regular process.
  • Businesses can able to generate quality lead and improve to grow their customers.

Industry using Artificial Intelligence

Organizations from a wide range of industries already rely on AI. In recent years, we have seen an increase in demand and implementation of this state-of-the-art technology, particularly in these areas:


In the healthcare industry, AI can help care providers have patients with personal medical information at their fingertips. The company’s intensive learning platform analyzes unstructured medical data (radiology image, blood test, EKG, genomics, patient medical history) to better inform doctors about the patient’s real-time needs.


In the banking industry, AI helps for security and fraud prevention. With AI software, banks and other financial institutions can identify suspicious transactions and send an alert to the account holder.


In the retail industry, AI gives customers a more personalized shopping experience. By using retail applications with complex algorithms, you can estimate the customer’s purchase behavior and provide additional purchasing options to the customer based on the behavior pattern.


In the manufacturing industry, AI promises quality control and diagnostics to ensure that the organization runs smoothly and efficiently. AI and machine learning can be used to make accurate demand forecasting, optimize manufacturing processes, and more.

Brijesh Sharma

Brijesh Sharma

MIS Executive

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