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In an organization, every business manager is looking forward to seeing their business insights. They want their business dashboard on their figure tip. Automatic reporting here can benefit your business operations in many ways. In this article, we will look at automated dashboard reporting in detail and how automated reporting helps commercial success.

Many businesses today are searching for the best and most effective ways to free up time and allocate their resources wisely. A business generates massive data every second, and when we become familiar with the data there may be circumstances to develop a new business plan or to come up with a new business approach. Hence the business is always on the lookout for the best-automated reporting tool that makes work easier and faster.

Let’s take an example of why automated reporting becomes essential for every business. Suppose you are a sales manager in a company and you are responsible for sales reports for 5 branches. If you are implementing a manual reporting technique then you waste half of a day to create a report and overall, it may take you a week to complete a task, but if you are using automated reporting software to complete a task, you will do a total of half of the day. In automatic reporting, you just need to select a template, adjust the time frame and set the variable at once and enjoy it as many times as you want.

What Is an Automated Report?

automated reporting

An automated report is a management tool that automatically refreshes reports in defined intervals of time without the need to update the information every time. This report is used by professionals to create and share business reports through various types according to set intervals or triggered tasks. All updates made in real-time with the use of automated reporting tools.

automated reporting

The fundamental reason for using report automation

Everyone likes to save time and money in business. Each minute spent in business has its own opportunity cost so no one likes to lose valuable time and resources, so they need every process to be automated.

By taking advantage of report automation tools, your business and teams will benefit from the following:

Organization growth: Information will be available in one place and provided for all parties to view.

Effectiveness: This allows you to generate more reports in less time.

Eliminate routine tasks: Automated reporting helps to eliminate the routine and repetitive task of pulling and compiling reports.

Improved reporting: Automation reporting tools have the ability to fetch data from various data sources so that it gives you a great reporting experience.

Less Human Resources: The use of automated reporting software can eliminate the need for programmers.

Few errors:  Less manual work and data entry results in less human error.

What are the benefits of using an Automated Reporting System?

Report automation has existed for several decades. Many companies are shifting their manual reporting work to automated dashboard reporting. This not only saves time but also increases reporting efficiency. Let’s look at some of the main benefits of automated reporting systems.

Secured Report Data

Automated reporting helps secure sensitive business information. It only allows authorized users to view reports.

Reduced Report Programming

Options are available to distribute reports to a subset of reports, which contain only the report information needed for specific groups, reducing the programming demand for new reports. Key report information can be automatically extracted and distributed to high-level managers and executives.

Reduce Human Error

Files are automatically converted and distributed, you can reduce the human error that can be generated by manual processes.

Improved communication

By implementing an automated reporting system in the business, information is transferred to the organization within a period of time. It helps to improve internal communication in the business and allows business managers to take necessary actions within the time.

Save Time Preparing Reports

Manual preparation of the report in the spreadsheet will take a lot of time in the entire report. Automatic reporting saves a lot of time. The hours spent preparing and running reports, finding and correcting mistakes, and distributing reports can be used for more productive tasks. When you can run a report with one click instead of hours of typing, it makes sense to automate them.

Data Visualization Made Easy

If you are struggling to add tag labels to graphs in a spreadsheet, don’t worry using the automated reporting process you can easily create reports and produce attractive data visualizations that enhance your business. With one click you can create various charts and other reports and easily share them with anyone.

Real-time decision-making

When you are using the manual approach for reporting, your business is more likely to collapse. In addition, the report becomes cumbersome and difficult to understand, and inaccurate. With automated reports, you’ll get access to accurate data presented in the form of visual KPI metrics – information that benefits real-time decision-making. In short, automated reporting provides clarity.

automated reporting

Automated Business Reporting System

Automated reporting in finance

Automation of financial reporting helps eliminate many of the mundane and time-consuming processes associated with manual accounting. It also provides the veracity of available data and relevance for decision-making. Follow budget compliance in detail when facing actual expenses. Give automatic alerts before possible deviation. Select necessary financial KPIs and metrics that give a complete inside story.

automated reporting

Automated Reporting for Retail Sales Data

To maximize your sales and increase your campaign efforts to a higher production level you need to understand your business insights. Our retail sales dashboard gives you the best experience to manage your regular retailing work at your figure tip.

Including KPI-based best sales graph types, charts, and visualizations, for sales manager this dashboard provides deep-dive information based on your cross-selling or up-selling, incremental sales by the campaign, revenue per sales representative, and more.

automated reporting

Automated Reporting for Real Estate Data

An ever-increasing amount of real estate data can be seen in real estate. For external consumers or internal team members, generating reports about this data is a time-consuming challenge. The automated reporting process reduces the burden of copy-pasting data into an Excel spreadsheet, automatically fetched and updated every day with this current real estate report template.

Some tips and tricks for creating report automation

automated reporting

KPIs and Metrics Selection

KPIs are the backbone of every report and if you want your data to convey a real business insight, then you need to select a KPI that suits your business. Choosing the most appropriate KPI in automated reporting should be your first step. Dashboard designers will help you create visuals and make all KPIs available on a single screen.

Define your aims and goals

After selecting the KPIs, your next task is to define your objectives and goals. You need to spend time deciding the specific departments, processes, or tasks that you need to streamline and define your main data automation goals within those parameters. You cannot move forward without defining your aims and goals. It is like a bus without a conductor. Your business will run but you have no idea what is needed to reach the goal.

Train and educate

It is good that maximum people get benefit from automated reporting. Not everyone can be so educated as to understand automated reporting systems. You need to run a workshop where employees are trained and educated. By giving everyone in your organization some form of access to your reports and teaching them to use them to your advantage, you will build a data-driven reputation that increases productivity and engagement across the board.

Tool selection for your business needs 

This is the most important process in the automated report process. There are many tools available that you need to choose the report automation tool wisely according to your business requirements. Many business intelligence tools provide an automated reporting feature as well as interactive dashboards. When choosing your automated reporting tools, you should always keep in mind the additional capabilities you can extract from them.

Report format standards

In some cases, you need to export the report which needs to be shared through the mail. There must be an option to export a report in form of PDF, CSV, Image, or embedded through an iframe on a webpage.

Automating Reports with EzInsights

EzInsights follows flexible BI and advanced reporting solutions that allow administrators to automate reports and schedule alerts through an easy-to-use interface. EzInsights allows users to easily create report templates, manage user, role, and tenant permissions, and connect to the database without the need to know any prior technical knowledge. To start your automated report for your business register on EzInsights for a free trial.

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