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Best Practices in Measuring the ROI of Digital Marketing Campaigns

Are you overwhelmed to make sense from the ever increasing marketing data? Have you been able to tell the right story from this data by using analytics efficiently? Have you managed to utilize marketing resources optimally? Are you successfully measuring critical Metrics and KPIs that can increase your ROI?

Many companies face challenges to differentiate between engagement metrics that represents growth and vanity metrics thats only a superficial representation of your marketing success.

Join us on Wednesday, 2nd March at 11 am EST for “Best practices in Measuring the ROI of Digital Marketing Campaigns” where Milan Desai, head sales and technology at EzDataMunch will explain how to:

  • Align marketing activity with organizational financial goals.
  • Use predictive modeling in marketing data analysis.
  • Increase the collection of data that matters and to turn it into actionable insights.
  • See the real story in your data by combining relational database.

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