Speech Analytics

Identify Customer Trends, Improve Agent Performance and Ensure Customer Satisfaction.

Speech analytics is one of the fastest growing and extensively used applications for contact centers. The popularity is due to the application’s capabilities. An advanced speech analytics solution can give customer insights like never before. Companies use speech analytics to gauge customer satisfaction by understanding their emotional state on the call and identifying certain trigger points in their speech. Also, speech analytics help companies to identify agents’ knowledge gaps, improve FCR (first call resolution), enhance average handle time and understand agent-training needs. In a nutshell, speech or voice analytics is used to reduce costs and improve productivity.

VOC (voice of customer) initiatives by organizations are the driving force behind speech analytics adoption. An organization may use multiple tools to identify customer trends. Some common tools used are Text analytics, Predictive analytics, Desktop analytics, and self-service analytics. These analytics tools give customer insight through every channel used by customer to interact with the organization. Speech analytics is mostly used alongside these tools to get real-time information pertaining to customer experience and agent performance. Companies can develop a better framework for customer journey based on the historical and contextual insights provided by speech analytics.

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Advantages of Our Voice Analytics Solution

  • Know what your customers are saying about your product or services.
  • Understand your agent’s productivity.
  • Understand how your scripts are performing.
  • Whether there is adequate information available on your website based on the most frequently asked questions.
  • Understand key words spoken to analyze for the trends and outliers.
  • Overall satisfaction score of customer care operations – frequency of calls and first time resolution.

Take your customers on a satisfactory journey

Very basic motive of speech analytics is to improve customer experience and provide satisfaction. The solution analyzes audio data to identify things such as emotions and stress in customers voice, reason for the call, product mentioned and more. Furthermore, business users can understand customers’ needs and wants and work towards to meet them.

Save money, reduce cost and customer attrition.

Many organizations have found success after implementing speech analytics. The solution has helped them to increase revenue. However, speech analytics requires time and resource investment to fully gain from it. Furthermore, speech analytics can reduce customer attrition. Identifying the reasons for customer drop out and improving on those fronts do this. Thus, real-time information can improve service quality and ensure customer satisfaction.

Boost revenue by unlocking up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Speech analytics is not limited to call centers only. It is widely used in sales department to identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. The voice data collected from a sales and marketing call can be analyzed to understand customer satisfaction level and their willingness to buy more products or services. The data can further help organizations to understand how different demographics respond to an offer. Real-time information gathered can help in tracking effectiveness of marketing campaigns as well as creating customized approach for every customer.


Give proper training to agents and enhance service quality.

Call center managers and quality managers can identify the gaps in agent performance by analyzing the calls. Sales and marketing manager can ensure that the call script is being adhered to. Where as call center managers can use speech analytics to give proper training to agents, reduce call volumes and improve first call resolution. Organizations can identify issues pertaining to operational and performance issues and improve them.

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