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Which company you work in today or you will see, you have certainly come to the insightful story of “data” about how data is helping to take the business a step further. It covers almost all industries such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, insurance, etc. which use data to improve the productivity of the business. In the general sense “data” is another term for information that is usually formatted in a particular way.

What is Data Dashboard?


data dashboard

A data dashboard is a data management tool that provides centralized information and monitoring, measurement and analysis of a business’s wealth. Relevant data sets allow aggregate and in-depth information to be displayed in the visual representation of the data.

Businesses are open for data sources. The data dashboard provides an efficient way to handle all data sources and provide the user with centralized information about the business and monitor and analyze performance. Real-time analysis of data helps reduce wastage of time and also helps the user to struggle with the understanding of data.

Working of Data Dashboard in BI


data dashboard

The function of a data dashboard plays a different role in areas within the organization. But before the process, the user needs to know that the design of the dashboard depends entirely on the roles it plays in the organization. Everyone in the organization views the dashboard separately according to the data sources and hence it can be used for a different purpose in the organization.

The data dashboard works on data collected from all important advertising and marketing analytics platforms using preconfigured instant-connectors and API connectors. After configuration, Business Intelligence Tools used to present the data in visualization and designed a dashboard that could be further used for data reports based on the need of clients or team members.

What Data can give you?

  • Can see the status of your campaign and its performance,
  • Help to see problems with paid campaigns or advertisements,
  • Working status of the keywords and which keyword use for content marketing,
  • Can provide in-depth insight into company overview,
  • Manage sales and gives the productivity to the company

To summarize, in the context of BI, the data dashboard is used:

Measuring Performance: The KPI works independently in each department. You can set specific KPIs for every department and measure your business performance and increased business success.

Forecasting: The main feature of the dashboard is to predict for the future. Predictive analytics that help develop the initiative and develop the business future.

Insights: It will be beneficial for the business user to get complete information about the business at their desk. This will provide benefits for understanding the business inside the story. Weekly, monthly reports increase efficiency.

Make your data easy to understand: The dashboard typically displays information using data visualizations such as line graphs, pie charts, and scatter plots. These visual representations take advantage of the human brain’s ability to process visual information.

Benefits of Creating Data Dashboard


data dashboard

From the above topics discussed you can get overview of what is data dashboard and how to use data dashboard in BI. Now let’s look some benefits of using Data Dashboard.

Easy customization: A dashboard that can be easily customizable according to your requirement is called a good dashboard. The biggest advantage of dashboards with data advantages over more traditional spreadsheets is that they are almost infinitely customizable and flexible.

Real-time monitoring: If you are still using the old traditional approach of analytics reports and forwarding them to professionals and waiting for a response then you have a marketing run down. In the real world, real-time monitoring is also necessary to make quick decisions on behalf of organizations.

They are predictive: A data dashboard can help your business predict the direction your business is based on current trends, metrics and insights. If you do not like the format of the dashboard then the digital dashboard gives you a way to select only the required fields and publish the dashboard.

Multitasking: In a business managing the task in single process can be time consuming. Multitasking is a useful skill for the business to tackle too many tasks at once.

What KPIs and Metrics are tracked using Data Dashboard?

The first and initial step in designing a dashboard is to select the KPIs and metrics required for your business. It is better to divide KPIs and metrics into separate areas in business and then plan. It is important to remember that you need to create a dashboard that directly benefits the need for the team and the business.
The flexibility of dashboards makes them useful for any industry and department, including sales, executive, marketing, healthcare, retail, supply chain, etc. Below we have introduced dashboards used regularly in the industry.

Marketing Dashboards


data dashboard

Marketing Dashboards allow you to improve the performance of digital marketing whatever it is SEO traffic, social media growth, visitors etc. all can be tracked. If you configure good and meaningful KPIs and Metrics you can boost your company overall score and ratings.
The marketing department involves marketing the product through different marketing platforms which can include a number of activities. In this scenario, it important for the marketing department to keep an eye on performance and track progress in real-time with right and important digital marketing KPIs. The types of KPIs will vary in each department in a business, so it is very much important to pre-planned before using it.

Below are some regular use KPIs for any business

data dashboard

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Executive Dashboard


data dashboard

The data dashboard provides an extreme tool for executives. It provides summarize information from each department of a company to executives where they can easily understand the company’s productivity. For any executive’s data dashboards allow them to track, manage and monitor the most necessary metrics of the business.

Below are some regular use KPIs for any business

data dashboard

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Sales Dashboard


The data dashboard provides a sales dashboard where sales managers can measure key metrics, individual team members, and sales activities. The sales dashboard can compare net sales and growth rates of the previous year and current net sales with the targets achieved.

Below are some regular use KPIs for any business

data dashboard

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Data Dashboard Examples for Industry Specific


Manufacturing Production Dashboard

Manufacturing dashboard ensure success by getting real-time visibility across production, supply chain and demand. With manufacturing metrics, you can measure your machine performance, production volume, sales revenue etc.

Logistics Transportation Dashboard

data dashboard

By using transportation dashboard many companies can reduce cost, improve supply chain process, ensure timely delivery and track vehicle performance.

Hospital KPI Dashboard

data dashboard

Using a data dashboard in the healthcare sector, many hospitals can increase revenue by providing an intimate customer experience, reducing costs, tracking branch performance, managing the workforce by season and ensuring marketing success.
The hospital KPI dashboard plays a key role in hospitals that gain insights, increase mortality, make appropriate investments and ensure collaborative communication throughout the institution.

Ready to design data dashboard for your specific industry with your data set?

Form the above discussion you can understand the power of Data Dashboard in business. We are sure you looking to get started to apply in your business. EzDataMunch provides you every solution for your question where you can understand your data and create an intuitive, interactive, and completely customizable dashboard with your data set.

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