EzDataMunch OBIEE Tableau Connector

Connect, Transform, Curate and Publish your OBIEE RPD Subject Areas to Tableau Server in a quick time.  Efficiently run your Tableau queries directly on the underlying data sources, rather than on the OBIEE Server.

Read more to know about EzDataMunch Tableau OBIEE Connector features and learn how it can enhance your RPD data for better visualization using Tableau at the lowest possible cost in a matter of days…

Features of EzDataMunch OBIEE Tableau Connector

  • Loading RPD Meta data into the Connector
  • Provides analysis of the RPD data viz., Subject Areas, Tables, Columns, comparative analysis of RPD versions and many more interesting insights
  • Addition/Modification of Joins between Tables, adding Filters to data sets and tables, Prefix & Suffix to column descriptions.
  • Efficient process to connect directly to underlying Data Sources or Data Warehouses, without the need to use OBIEE server
  • Web based deployment – no need for Desktop based OBIEE integration

Diagram of OBIEE Tableau Connector


  • Avoids duplication of efforts to build OBIEE Subject Area based Dashboards in Tableau from Scratch
  • Enhanced governance and security by publishing only relevant subject areas / tables / presentation columns / Measures / Dimensions as necessary
  • Single version of truth as users access only the governed data source published on Tableau Server with or without pre-defined filters
  • Flexibility in transforming the subject areas by adding joins, filters and prefix/suffix to the column descriptions
  • Eliminates performance degradation by fully utilizing Tableau’s fast VizQL query performance by going directly against the underlying data sources
  • Avoids overloading of OBIEE server but keeps the RPDs in sync by scheduled refreshes of new metadata definitions
  • Process and Productivity efficiency, which can save thousands of dollars by jump starting OBIEE RPD usage within couple of weeks.
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