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Financial Forecasting, Analysis and Reporting Using Qlik.

CFOs are always on the look out to improve their operational and financial control, improve executive performance, enhance compliance and measure performance according to budgets and financial plans. Financial users are looking for solution that will allow them to explore the performance of various business units and to get rid of cumbersome manual data compiling process and report building process using excel. They want to reduce the dependency on the analyst and IT teams to provide analytics and forecasting reports.
Join us on Wednesday, July 13 at 11:00 am EST for “
Financial Forecasting, Analysis and Reporting Using Qlik 

In this webinar, EzDataMunch’s Technology Head, Milan Desai will demonstrate how you can

  • Increase visibility into enterprise performance.
  • Identify key business drivers and cost reduction opportunities.
  • Compare budget and forecast to actual performance and identify outliers.
  • Drive profitability by shifting the focus on the business decisions based on analytics.
  • Improve the cash conversion cycle and provide predictability in financial performance.

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