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In this competitive business world, many businesses need support to solve their business problem and it becomes necessary to measure the effectiveness of your service desk in areas that are efficient, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
Helpdesk and service desk KPIs are the most important measurable outcomes that define the success and failure of customer support operations.

What Is A Helpdesk KPI?

The simplest term helpdesk or service desk has performance metrics that help your business customer service and support service. Both KPIs and metrics are measurable activities so that they provide you with data that you can express as a quantity.
These KPIs and Metrics are the key to the success of any business. KPIs are related to business activity that is related to business goals and objectives. In addition, KPI tells the organization where and how to measure success.

How helpdesk can help you

There are many customers who are located in different regions in this world, each one is buying your product and services and contacting you through call or online help. In this scenario, you cannot handle the flow of customers individually. So, to eliminate the waiting time for the customer helpdesk was introduced.
About 90% of customers expect customer services for product installation, work, configuration, etc., ensuring that they seek personalized services from the company. That is why if customer wants to keep their customers satisfied then customer centric businesses will have to invest in service desk. Without using a proper tool, you will not be able to satisfy your customers as they are expecting.

A helpdesk tool helps keep your ticketing process clean and gives your agents the tools they need best to do their job.

helpdesk kpis

Importance of helpdesk and service desk KPIs

Helpdesk and service desk KPIs are the key to the growth of your business and provide you with the best option for decision making. Below are some of the key importance of using the helpdesk.

Clear insights

With working on the helpdesk KPIs you will get clear insights to improve customer service performance. For example, if some agent is lacking in delivering services to the customer or is delayed in service, with the help of the helpdesk, we can train, assist and motivate the agent for better performance.

Improved Productivity

The helpdesk helps you organize and manage your tickets more effectively and works more collaboratively by allocating tickets to the right agents. This will improve the productivity of the company without wasting time. Through the helpdesk, the company can try to resolve as many issues as a ticket per day by allocating experience agents. For example, it is possible to classify your tickets with meaningful words and phrases and to give them a status such as open, closed, or unresolved. This way your representatives can quickly organize their open cases and help other representatives who are struggling to find a solution.

Advanced Reporting

Advance reporting at the helpdesk helps individual employees to track their performance. It also helps in identifying the due date, close date of ticket, resolved ticket etc. The agent can also set an important goal to meet, like closing high-priority ticket first on time.


Loyalty works at two levels. If the service is good and the customer is satisfied then the chances of repeat customer will improve rapidly. And if your staff is motivated and full of enthusiasm, they will be more loyal and perform better.

What features to include in the helpdesk

Support multi channels:

Multi-channels are meant to give your customer something other than email support. Your helpdesk should have full featured for multiple support with a single click. Your helpdesk should have the ability to switch between channels so that customers do not have to struggle for support.


Members of your support team will need a place where they can collaborate and provide creative and positive insights on tickets and knowledge-based articles.


It is essential to know what is happening in your helpdesk. Here some question comes like how long is it taking to respond to a ticket? Are people waiting days for a reply? What do they care about? Are they satisfied? These are all question which needs an answer that can be provided by the analytics in your helpdesk system.


Self-service is the way your customers help themselves. This means that your helpdesk should have the ability to help the customer without waiting for an answer via email, text or call. Your helpdesk should give you the option to create documents that fit the needs of your business and your customers.

Important help desk metrics to measure the health of your help desk

helpdesk kpis

  1. New Ticket

It is one of the most important metrics in the helpdesk to measure performance. These metrics measure the flow of incoming requests for support. This metric is able to identify your team’s capability and measure your team’s potential. When you feel that the ticket has been generated in sufficient quantity, you plan to support.

  1. Support tickets solved

These KPIs show the number of support ticks resolved by the team. To make your helpdesk healthy it is very important that your new ticket and solved ticket ratio should be parallel. By examining these matrices, you can identify how many figures you are behind to support. If you are constantly lagging behind, you can improve performance by enabling more support teams.

  1. Response time and wait time

Response time is the time a support request is created by a customer to support agents. And waiting time is the time for a support agent to respond. If the period between response and waiting time is longer then the customer is at risk of becoming dissatisfied. Customers want, at the very least, an acknowledgment that someone has initiated the help process within the time of submitting their request.

  1. Support ticket by support channel

We are now in the world, where there are many ways to get support agents from chat, email, calling, web form or social networks. A variety of skills and abilities are required to perform this work. This support by multiple channels provides instant feedback between ticket generated and response. Here the customer gets the option to choose an easy way to create communication.

  1. Top support agents

This KPIs provides a list of the top support agents who sorted out the maximum number of tickets generated. These KPIs show an individual responsibility in a team for open and solved ticket.

  1. Backlog

One of the most important things to helpdesk managers is their backlog in their support queues. If more requests are coming in every week, you can build a backlog.

  1. Satisfaction ratings by customer

Customer satisfaction is everything that matters. This is a very important KPIs for tracking customer satisfaction rates.

Some examples of helpdesk KPIs

Average days to resolve service

helpdesk kpis

Open tickets by agent

helpdesk kpis

Open tickets by country

helpdesk kpis

Satisfaction scores KPIs

helpdesk kpis

Satisfaction scores by ticket number

helpdesk kpis

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