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Holy Grail Of BI Solution – Power BI vs Qlik.

Part 2: Data Transformation

Microsoft Power BI and Qlik are the two most prominent names in Business Intelligence domain today. Both with their own unique features, offer solutions that caters to multiple industries and departments. The question on the buyers’ mind is how and what solution to evaluate that fits their requirements based on multiple factors like industry, company size, department, user friendliness, infrastructure and more.

We are conducting a webinar series in which we will be comparing critical features between Microsoft Power BI and Qlik. The series is divided in 5 parts with each part covering an in-depth analysis of one crucial element that helps you to decide which solution suits your requirements. 

Join us on Thursday, April 21 at 11:00 am EST for Holy Grail of Business Intelligence Solution – Power BI vs Qlik – Part 2 – Data Transformation Where Milan Desai, head technology at EzDataMunch will Compare the following points:

  • Association Vs Traditional Linking.
  • Blending data sources.
  • Data transformation and renaming.
  • Calculated columns.
  • Complex data model as binary load.

Add this webinar to your calendar. Date: Thursday, April 21, 11:00 am EST

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Part 3: Performance.

Wednesday, April 20, 11 am EST

Part 4: Governance.

Wednesday, April 27, 11 am EST

Part 5: Integration and Mesh-ups

Wednesday, May 18, 11 am EST

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