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What Is a Human Resources Dashboard?

The HR Dashboard is a visual demonstration of HR Metrics. An HR metrics Dashboard recognizes the major human capital trends in an organization, which requires the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Lead teams to closely understand and monitor.

HR dashboard and HR report are very essential for managing human resource in organization.

This allows any human resource manager to take the next step to make a better decision. Being an HR profile in an organization, focusing on managing employees and focusing on their performance is not an easy task. But using the Human Resources Dashboard is easy to manage any job related to HR with just one click.

Below we will discuss the advantages of the HR report as well as the data and metrics that are included. Also provide some dashboards and templates, examples.

What Is an HR Report?

The HR report is a continuous process that gives an analytical approach to statistics, insights and metrics that focuses on workforce performance improvements, recruitment process and many other human resource related tasks.

There are many metrics related to the HR report. But the most important are the top-level metrics such as recruitment metrics and performance metrics. They can be used for special dashboards.

Why Do You Need HR Reports?

For better hiring decision

hr reports template

The decision of hiring is not a straightforward and often challenging task. If proper hiring process is not done, then many questions arise. Therefore, reports, dashboards and analytics come in the picture that make any hiring task easy.  From the records of past hire you can make smart hiring process.      

The Analytics report filters out the initial process of hiring, for example, suppose the company’s experience has a demand of 5 years, so you can end the experience of a candidate below 5 years.

Hiring requirement forecast

hr reports template

The predictions of human resources (HR) include meeting labor requirements and their impact on a business. The hiring requirement forecast include short-term and long-term employee requirements, based on estimated sales, office development, attraction and other factors that affect the company’s needs of labor.

When the business owner tells you to hire new employees, you’ll already have some good candidates in the queue.

Tracking employee performance

hr reports template

Employee performance judge the status of employee. By the performance dashboard HR manager takes the proper action to employee.

With the help of analytics, you can identify the company’s best performers. Apart from this, these best artists can offer promotions, additional training, or other opportunities.

Identify hierarchy issue

hr reports template

It is clear that the company employee comes with problems of HR professionals. However, this not frequent but to manage this issue and to maintain the working process in flow without affecting the company hierarchy HR manager need to take appropriate decision.

With the help of analytics and dashboard we can fit the employee in substitution.

Compensation management

hr reports template

Compensation management is a balancing process. You have to satisfy Employee PayScale. You have assured the employee that they are in the best position and are giving satisfactory Pascale keeping in mind the company’s budget.

Analytics helps in this situation to maintain the balance process. You can easily see the pay scales, benefits and other types of compensation, and compare that data with the employee’s performance, your budget and other factors.

HR KPIs and Metrics

Below are some KPI and Metrics. Human Resources Manager is increasing the use of these KPI indicators on their day-to-day work.

hr reports template

How HR dashboard improve your business goals?

Human Resources Dashboard helps improve your business’s performance in the following ways:

Workforce management

The Workforce Management Dashboard helps human resource managers develop and distribute your workforce. If HR Managers feel they do not have an Employees then they can process recheck with the help of workforce management dashboards.

Tracking absenteeism

Tracking absence metrics helps the human resources manager to calculate the time that the staff were on average absent in the previous period. Another representation of this number is the total day of the employee’s absence.

Payroll and Payroll Management

Every company is making some policies for salary structure through an effective scoreboard on remuneration management. By the help of payroll management dashboard HR can collects payroll inputs, can calculate gross and net salary, set pay policy, can deposit and report dues like TDS, PF, ESI etc.

Recruitment Dashboard

The recruitment process begins when the employment offer is placed on the employment market. And it ends when a candidate is recruited to meet the needs of the company. Various important decisions are taken in this process. The recruitment dashboard is very essential to complete this process easily.

Skills and Talent Management

Skill and talent management is an HR process to attract, develop, motivate and retain high-performing employees. The Talent Management Dashboard is a workforce analytics and reporting tool that helps employers establish effective selection and treatment of talented and skilled employees. It displays a complete list of the company’s workers and also specifies information about talent management about them, including skills and expertise, personal achievements, productivity rates, business of employees etc.

A dashboard for talent management consists of these modules:

  • Recruitment Summary
  • Workforce Productivity Analysis
  • Performance Management

What Makes a Strong HR Dashboard?

hr reports template

Any dashboard will be useful if we measure KPI that makes sense, is manageable and functional. A good dashboard is one that displays valuable information to HR professionals.

Eliminate tons of KPIs which does not belong to your organizations and environment. The decision makers in the company have to plan the company’s strategy to start management with different goals. In order to achieve the goal and achieve the best results, HR leaders need to work together to identify the data needed to take action.

Below are a few tips for creating a good HR dashboard:

  • Narrow down what you measure
  • Only measure meaningful data
  • Dive deeper

Human Resource dashboard and HR report templates

Talent Performance

For any HR Talent Performance dashboard can be an important tool to understand your workforce and plan for the future. A talent performance dashboard can be a customizable workforce reporting tool that helps to make an effective selection and treatment of talent to hire recruiters and managers. Below the dashboard you have a brief idea of how the HR can use and customize the dashboard

hr reports template

Hires Terminations

Hiring and Termination Dashboard allows HR Manager to scan different information about hiring process, task assignment, termination process etc. the HR can even choose various report like Department, Status and Date to accumulate desired information.

hr reports template

Workforce Performance

Human resources manager can monitor the performance of the workforce of each individual employee of the organization. They can filter the reports on the basis of area, department, business unit, job class, performance.

hr reports template

Employee Details

The employee details report provides an opportunity for HR to review and update its personal and job information at a central location.

hr reports template

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