Financial Services

Financial Services solutions:

  • Insurance
  • Investment Banking
  • Retail Banking

Drive performance by empowering operational decision makers across the business. Capture new business opportunities. Understand and control exposures. Preserve and increase margins. Streamline operations and IT.

Business Intelligence (BI) to Improve Profitability, Reduce Risk:

Financial service institutions are rethinking how to widen margins, reduce risk and solidify relationships with profitable customers. During times of uncertainty and reduced customer trust, financial service firms must create transparency in new ways. Now more than ever, a powerful, affordable and simple Business Intelligence (BI) analysis capability, available directly to business users, is helping drive the right decisions that can determine survival and overall success.

Select a Financial demo application below to experience EzDataMunch using the latest internet browser technology.

Business Intelligence (BI) visibility drives better business performance and using EzDataMunch, leading financial services firms worldwide can:
  • Empower sales to discover and capitalize on new business opportunities
  • Increase effectiveness of risk and exposure management
  • Gain visibility into transactions and optimize processing life cycles
  • Maximize investment returns and portfolio performance
  • Reduce operational costs, streamline processes and ensure compliance

Transform Business Intelligence (BI) into fast, reliable decisions driving business value:

EzDataMunch helps decision makers across the organization get the critical Business Intelligence (BI) they need to drive higher performance levels. EzDataMunch complements traditional reporting and modeling with a simple, powerful, self-service way for users to get to the right Business Intelligence (BI) at the right time. EzDataMunch helps financial service firms address this important and traditionally difficult challenge to unlock the value of their business intelligence.


Banking Apps

EzDataMunch analytics Apps covers various areas within the banking segment.  Banks can use these apps to analyze data instantly and start discovering business insights.

Some of the Apps that are available to banking organizations:

- Score card and KPIs

- Customer churn

- Risk management - Currency, market and counter party risks

- Branch operations

- Credit union scorecards

- Customer account and segment data analysis

- Sales and product analysis

- Campaign and loyalty program analysis

- Headcount and cost analysis

- Asset value and market portfolio analysis

- Social media analysis


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