Loan Analytics

Maintain profits by tracking loan maturity and design better loan products by understanding customer preference.

Loans add the largest chunk of revenue to bank’s basket. Loans have a bigger market than any other product and are available in multiple forms like home, auto, personal, business loans and more. Banks have loan management systems in place to record every activity. These activities ranges from application to disbursement, collections, interest calculation, brokers cut. There are reporting parts that include audit trails, aging’s, loan history and more. This system is more transactional in nature and helps in keeping records but not a strong source to take decisions.

Banks need a sophisticated business intelligence tool to extract, consolidate, transform and visualize data to understand risk involved in every application and disbursing the safest application in less time to mitigate risk, adhere to regulatory compliance and ensure customer satisfaction.

EzDataMunch’s pre-built banking analytics solutions comprises of comprehensive business intelligence dashboards. These dashboards gives users end-to-end insight into key metrics required to make accurate decisions and avoid surprises. Users get the option to create customer profiles that involves information such as applications, past dealings, credit ratings, transactions and more to reduce risk, predict future behavior, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Current loans & lendings

  • This dashboard summarizes total volume of existing loans and lendings by any financial institution.
  • Managers can view current status of loans by selecting categories like institution name, account number, daily advance accounts and top 10 accounts. A deeper view can be obtained by selecting more categories on the left side of the dashboard.
  • Also, top loans that have matured and callable advances for the day can be viewed.

Advances & Maturities

  • This dashboard represents total loans and advances that are matured and near to mature.
  • Managers can shift between advances and loans tabs to get a detailed view of maturity date, know the dollar value, name and account of the institution and agents handling the accounts.
  • Get a periodical overview of loans and maturities to understand trends and decide future actions.

Retail loan application dashboard.

  • This dashboard gives complete insight into total volume of loan applications and their dollar value.
  • Users have the options to select between retail and wholesale loans, drill down as per total applications and application value in dollar terms.
  • See total applications funded, rejected and dollar value.
  • Managers can also view the channels or source of application, which branch brought the lead, loan type like Fixed or LIBOR and more.

Retail loan application

  • Get detailed view of total number of application for both retail and wholesale loans.
  • See MCA (Maximum claim amount) for both the loan categories.
  • Drill down as per the location of applications and compare periodical variable to understand trends over time.

Automobile Finance

  • Auto finance dashboard gives complete health check of what is happening in this segment for any financial institute.
  • Users can see total number of auto finance application, auto financing approval rate and average ticket size of approved loan.
  • Drill down to know the decisions for every application and reasons for rejection of application as per industry and regulatory standard policies.


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