Customer Analytics

Understand consumption pattern and ensure customer satisfaction.

Need for smart practice across the board is growing in utility companies. Customer data is generated through multiple touch points. Daily operations such as meter’s reading, call center logs, complains and more produces critical data. This data helps to deduce customer satisfaction and company perception. Utility companies need a comprehensive BI solution to make sense of the data. A smart BI solution coupled with best in class visualization dashboards, provides easy to understand representation of information like consumption patterns, operations and health of facilities. Integrating management solutions with real time data leads to a clear understanding of factors like customer segments and load distribution patterns.
EzDataMunch provides pre-built BI dashboards specifically designed for energy and utility companies. These dashboards represents key metrics that are crucial for taking informed decisions. Decision makers get easy access to operational and financial data like billing reports, customer care analytics and query reports. Decision makers can check the overall health of the company anytime anywhere with just a click.
  • View percentages of calls abandoned, contained and transferred represented with visual aid.
  • See customer care metrics separated on a yearly basis.
  • Track the success rate for customer call handling and identify weak areas to work on.
  • See a breakdown of the reasons that led to a call being abandoned, transferred or contained.
  • Study the opening query of customer calls received by your organization.
  • Identify the query topic with the highest frequency of calls to optimize and troubleshoot those target areas.
  • See what percentage of the total calls are constituted by which opening query and identify the major problems faced by the customers.
  • Filter call metrics according to different parameters to sort the data into small and useful packets.
  • Identify the frequently asked questions that your customers have about your products.
  • Evaluate your company’s call handlers by how they handle customer calls.
  • Identify the weak links in your customer support network based on the handler reports.
  • Dig down into your customer calls to analyze the best way to optimize your customer care.
  • Identify the number of customer queries being transferred to further reduce resolution time.
  • Filter data by tags such as billing transactions, caller type, call source etc.
  • Locate weak points by seeing the percentage of calls abandoned and contained.
  • See data in both percentage and absolute numbers to use directly in business calculations.


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Consult with your own IT professionals.
Refuse to invest a lot of money in a POC.
Focus on BI dashboard capabilities –don’t get distracted by pretty visuals.

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