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In today generations mobiles have become a necessity for many people throughout the world. In a research it as been notice that there have been 4.78 billion mobile users are in this world.

Mobile plays an important role in everyone’s life. It changes the way we interact with the world and plays an important role when it comes to business. It provides a quick glimpse of the business situation on your mobile device which is of paramount importance for any business to make quick decisions for success. A mobile device is a quick and easiest way to view business insights.

What Is A Mobile Dashboard?

A mobile dashboard is a data analytics tool, which is used to monitor operational data for frequent changes. The mobile dashboard helps monitor the most important business high-level KPIs and view critical business data from all regions on mobile devices.

Why Mobile Dashboard is important?

mobile dashboard

It has been observed that there has been a huge increase in mobile phones in the last two decades. Many small, medium and large scale businesses talk about mobile when it comes to looking at their business data analytics dashboard.

In today’s world if you want to stand your business in the market then you need the ability to analyze critical metrics and measure your performance through various KPI examples that you can choose based on your industry.

Below we have discussed some of the primary benefits of using a mobile dashboard in a business:

For quick decision-making:

The real time data can be accessed anywhere at any time for mobile users. It also helps the user to make 10x faster decision making as compare to desktop users.

For quick analytics:

The mobile dashboard provides a quick and flexible view of analysis anytime, anywhere. This presents an opportunity for many impossible cases. For example, a retail manager may access a mobile dashboard on a mobile phone, telling a customer immediately if a product is out of stock and when it may be in stock again.

Improved knowledge sharing:

A mobile dashboard allows users to access employee’s data and can share it more easily than before. When data can be easily shared with anyone, anywhere and on any device, everyone is more informed and can make better decisions.

Improved business models:

An organization can include a mobile dashboard for strategic planning. Let’s look at with an example that if a retailer wants to make a good purchase from a manufacturer then the mobile dashboard provides real-time information about which product retailers will get higher discounts and which products to buy. It helps executives make a strong decision that benefits the organization.

Basic Components of Mobile Dashboards

Mobile dashboards contain similar component but with a few key differences. Component includes:

  • Data sources
  • Data Visualizations
  • Filters
  • KPIs
  • Navigation menu

The mobile dashboard is designed with mobile users in mind. They should be compatible with mobile devices. They often provide real-time information to the user so that they can take immediate action on it. For this reason, data for mobile dashboards must be timely.

Best Practices for Mobile Dashboard Design


It is important to understand that mobile is much smaller than desktop. The ratio and location of the elements may differ from the desktop. The main objective here is to display elements within the mobile screen. For responsiveness here, developers can use responsive code in the form of HTML and CSS that will be automatically resized based on mobile.

mobile dashboard

Design for ‘fat figures’:

In mobiles, user makes the selection from their figures. Today’s mobile phones are purely touch screens and of course, people’s fingers come in a host of shapes and sizes. But if tactile behavior is not the way the user wants it becomes time consuming. The options like function, scroll and button are working fine when designing and it operates with any size with any hand.

Focus on the Right Metrics:

For mobile dashboard it is necessary to select on useful metrics because mobiles are small in size and less element will visible on the screen as compare to desktop. So here need to focus only important kPIs which benefits the company.

Stay consistent:

The design of the mobile dashboard should be consistent from beginning to end. Designers must maintain consistency in layout and user interface when designing report and dashboard elements. Consistent dashboard gives user an ability to make decision faster than usual.

mobile dashboard

Drill with Importance:

The dashboard is designed to provide a top-level view of key display areas for your business. Providing a 10-panel dashboard for viewers using smartphones is not the best approach. Instead, allow users to focus on KPIs and main outliers and let them decide the direction to go from there.

Mobile Dashboard Examples


mobile dashboard

Providing the best services to patient in the hospital, doctors and nurses requires quick access to real-time details of patient data. They are always busy in emergency services. It is quite difficult to manage all patient details from a desktop, but the mobile dashboard reduces the doctor’s workload. They can easily move mobiles and update patient details.
The mobile dashboard is helpful in almost all hospital areas, be it patient registration, patient treatment, patient allocation, and patient discharge.


mobile dashboard

The salesperson can utilize a mobile dashboard when they are not in the office. Their maximum time spend outside of the office hence it is difficult to manage the details of the customer. Here mobile dashboard leverages the power to manage the sales dashboard from mobile phones and update their works. This helps to increase sales because it provides quick decision-making facilities.


mobile dashboard

Executives Officers are always pressed for time. They need quick, accurate and real-time reports to get complete information on profit and loss. With mobile dashboards, they can check business operations and performance whenever and wherever they are.

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