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What is a Project Management Dashboard?

A project management dashboard refers to a data dashboard that provides managers with an instant visual representation of the selected KPI. The Project Management Dashboard takes you to the top of your data so that managers can see due dates, metrics, and deadlines.

project management dashboard

Why need to create Project Management Dashboard?

The Project Management Dashboard is used to provide a general requirement for delivering important project information. A project management dashboard displays key performance indicators (KPIs) that are directly related to the success of your project. After all, if your dashboards only show data that is unimportant to you, no value is added. You will either be forced to live without information or go about searching in some other way, such as running a report. Project dashboards make project management easier and more efficient as they present continuous data at a glance. When team members, managers and stakeholders all have access to the progress, health, and projections of their project.

There are many online tools that will save setup time so that you can focus on directing the project. For example, a template in Excel will help you get started quickly. In it, you can find a simple project management dashboard, a template for a metrics and project portfolio. But before applying to make sure it suits your project management style.

Who Uses Dashboards for Project Management?

project management dashboard

There are three main groups that need a project management dashboard to know the real-time status of the project.

  • Team members
  • Project managers
  • stakeholders

Benefits of Project Management Dashboard

There are several benefits of using project management dashboard in business some of them are discussed below:

Data in one location:

Any project can become complex at any time due to an unstructured source of any information. But Project Management Dashboard helps you to collect, aggregate and organize the topics of your project data in one place.

Better communication

The communication factor is playing a very important role in any project structure. Each person has personal responsibilities in the project and they plan to carry out their tasks to the fullest potential. But it will help only when someone manages it. Here comes the dashboard which can create comprehensive analytical reports and gives strategic activities with all these key features.

Get real-time updates

With the dashboard, your data is constantly updated in real time. In the dashboard, you can set alerts and notifications for immediate action. This dashboard helps keep the project management team on track and get back into the project if something happens.


If you want to send a link to a project to your customer, it is only meaningful when the customer can really understand what they are looking for. If you need training and in-depth explanations of how to read your dashboard, they do not provide much value. Not only do the dashboards themselves need to be user friendly, but they also need to have a platform to optimize them.


It is important that you can select the relevant KPIs for your project. You should also be able to customize how these look on the KPIs dashboard. Here comes your creativity in how you adjust metric performance, and whether you want data shown in the form of a bar graph, pie chart, or text.

Dashboard at glance

The dashboard provides executives with a quick visual big picture of projects so that they feel comfortable that they know the general status of a project within only a few minutes.

Top Project Management Metrics

If you go with an inappropriate KPI then your dashboard may not be helpful. Only the data that defines a successful KPI will have to be selected for your business. Some of them are listed below.

project management dashboard

Top 4 Project Management Dashboard Tools

The basic function of any dashboard is to customize it to your needs. There are some that are necessary to achieve the expected business goals from your sponsors and stakeholders. Following are some of those tools.

Project Health Chart

The project Health chart gives you various indicators of the project status. With project health cart you can measure work schedule and know the status of how far the project is behind.

This project health chart gives an overview of a project and the health of the project.  With the dashboard, you can tell in a glance if they’re progressing as you expect.

You can use a colour indicator of completion of the project and how much project is remaining or failed project. You can also set budget status whether that project is under or over budget, and by what percentage.


Budget is the most important factor that any project manager wants to know. These cost chats can be presented on the dashboard for a glimpse. This cost chart represents the actual, planned and budgeted costs of the project.


Progress chart Basically, tells management team how much of the project has been completed to date compared to how much you planned to have completed by that time.


In real-time workload, the dashboard displays information to all your team members along with a breakdown of the status of their tasks. You can immediately see if their tasks are complete, which are remaining and which are overdue.

What required best Project Dashboard Design

After selecting which KPIs benefits to the organization the next challenging topic is what you want your dashboard to look like.

  • Colour Scheme
  • Layout
  • Chart Types

Project Management Dashboard Example in Real Word


Executive Performance Management

project management dashboard


Marketing Leads and Campaign Performance Dashboard

project management dashboard


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