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Sales Forecast and Performance Insight Using Qlik.

You always want to have clear insights into the performance of your sales team, individual quota and important sales opportunities but due to the fact that multitude of systems used for CRM and sales management it is not easy to access this critical information.

In this webinar, EzDataMunch’s Technology Head, Milan Desai will demonstrate how you can use Salesforce and Qlik with predictive tools like R to access the critical information to get deep insights into your sales performance and forecast sales accurately.

Join us on wednesday, July 20 at 11:00 am EST for “Sales forecasting and performance insight using Qlik and Salesforce“.

EzDataMunch Sales Solution integrates with your CRM and sales management systems to help you:

  • Evaluate the health of your sales pipeline.
  • Improve the accuracy of your sales forecast.
  • Understand the large, medium and small opportunities in your pipeline.

Look at your sales data from top level and get down to any granular levels to understand the performance of region, team, or individual. You can learn which marketing tactics are producing better results and use them across teams / regions not performing so well.”

Add this webinar to your calendar. Date: Wednesday, July 20, 11:00 am EST

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