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The merger of Social Business Intelligence BI and Web 2.0 technologies has given rise to the new concept of social and collaborative BI – a type of collaborative decision-making (CDM) platform. This platform, like social web 2.0 technologies, is designed on the basis that anyone should be able to share content and contribute to the discussion, anywhere and anytime.

Today we are very familiar with the terms big data, data scientist, analytics. Almost all software companies are using business intelligence and data discovery tools to make better decisions in the organization.

Social Business Intelligence Concept

The concept of Social and Collaborative BI is process of gathering, analysing, publishing, and sharing data, reports, and information. This can be applied by using interactive business intelligence and analytics dashboard with the help of powerful business intelligence tools.

Social BI empowers employees to make decisions with confidence Gartner predicts that combining information and reports derived from BI software with the latest social media collaboration tools inspires a new approach to making complex decisions.

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What is effective Social & Collaborative Business Intelligence?

There are three core functions to enable effective enterprise collaboration and networking around reporting and analytics and form the basis of a CDM platform. The ability to:

  • Discuss and overlay knowledge on business data;
  • Share knowledge and content;
  • Collectively decide the best course of action.

Discussing and overlaying knowledge on business data

Most decision-making and discussion surrounding business processes occurs outside organizational BI platforms, opening a gap between human insight and the business data itself. Business decisions should be made alongside business data to ensure steadfast, fact-based decision-making.

Business users should be able to discuss the results of data analysis on an open-access platform to connect the right data with the right people, and allow users to provide human knowledge, insights and references to the data in reports.

EzDataMunch inbuilt features such as live chat, live posts and comments, discussion forums and video analytics introduce a profound change in the way a bi-solution is supported. The EzDataMunch Social BI platform – a web-based collaboration platform – allows users to create and participate in real-time threaded conversations around reporting and analytics from inside or outside the company. Users can embed reports and other relevant information in threaded conversations, and add annotations, allowing patterns and trends to be understood in the data. Conversations can focus on a single report or the entire discussion topic.

Sharing knowledge and content

social & collaborative business intelligence

The value of information resides in its ability to be shared. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are designed around the concept of sharing content across networks. Socially, these networks may be based on friendship groups or topics of interest. In the enterprise, information sharing provides a cross-departmental bridge to eliminate organizational knowledge silos and to differentiate between technical experts and business decision-makers. A social BI platform should support the ability to share data and wherever necessary, and in a way that is appropriate for different circumstances.

  •  Live Meeting: Eliminate the need for live meeting or web meeting by using the live sharing of the dashboard URLs – share and see what users are analysing as a team
  • Video Analysis: A lot can be shared and communicated with audio and video analysis that can be linked directly to any dashboard
  • Chats, Forums, Announcement and FAQs: Upload the business glossary dictionary, create knowledge forums, share new data announcements and alert users or community of users about special incidents or exciting news about data and insights


EzDataMunch is currently the only Social BI Platform on the market that offers a complete CDM module straight ‘out-of-the-box’ for Tableau, Qlik and Power BI. EzDataMunch Social BI platform components are designed to help organizations spread fact-based decision-making throughout the enterprise including external stakeholders like customer, suppliers and other third parties.

EzDataMunch creates a business environment that empowers all relevant decision-makers with the ability to use the insight generated through reporting and analytics accurately, maximizing its potential to underpin better, faster decisions and support operational objectives.


Abhishek Sharma

Abhishek Sharma

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