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What is Tactical Dashboard?

A Tactical Dashboard has been designed to handle more detailed information, which is mainly used to track trends in relation to company goals and initiatives. Tactical Dashboard are used in the analysis and monitoring of processes conducted at center level management. By monitoring the process through Tactical Dashboard organization can effectively track the company performance, goals and can easily deliver best output for future strategies.

tactical dashboard

Tactical dashboard is helpful for decision making and for users to explore data. The tactical dashboard falls between the strategic and operational dashboards.
An example of a strategic in sales dashboard is to track your sales targets, compare net sales of current and previous years, view sales by branch or location, etc. Let’s see some more examples in project management.

1. Material Management Purchase Order Dashboard

The example shown below gives an overview description of the organization’s purchase order. This dashboard shows shopping trends and top performers on a daily or monthly basis. The dashboard offers a filterable, searchable view of all purchase orders in the system. The goal of any business is to achieve the target and succeed in what they are doing. The Purchase Order Dashboard has the ability to take action against open POs, based on expected POs, and prioritized POs are assigned.

The Purchase Order Dashboard offers the following benefits:

  • Track Purchase Order Status: Approval, Approved or Disapproved.
  • Organization workflow: Track expense, profit, loss.
  • Location of purchase order in system: Finance, Purchasing, Accounting, Receiving or Accounts Payable.

tactical dashboard

2. Supplier Procurement Analysis Tactical Dashboard

An important factor when designing a tactical dashboard strategy is to focus on the analytical and monstrous part because it will increase efficiency for data-driven decision making. Supplier procurement analysis organizations can approve supplier inventories to track suppliers who are authorized to supply important goods and services.

tactical dashboard

Why Tactical Dashboard is necessary in Business?

The Tactical dashboard serves as an in-depth analysis of the business. The Tactical dashboard analyzes a large amount of data collected over time. The Tactical dashboard provides the department with a quick view of what is performing and exposes areas of concern – so the manager can take action — at least — for optimal performance.

Tactical dashboard in practices

There are lots of contribution of tactical dashboard where tactical dashboard is commonly used by many companies.

With the Tactical Dashboard, you can

  • Control solution status and trend against the forecasts
  • Monitor and identify early good and bad trends
  • Comply with service level agreements
  • Optimize the usage of resources

tactical dashboard

Examples of Tactical Dashboards in Industry

Tactical dashboard uses across many companies, the following examples are shown below:

  • Tactical dashboards are used in the manufacturing department for quality control. Quality is always an important factor in manufacturing, and therefore implementing a strategic dashboard can provide the benefit of regular quality control and decision-making checks. And this is certainly not the end of dashboard functionality in manufacturing still.

tactical dashboard

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  • Tactical dashboards are used in the sales department to handle reports for detailed ratings and better decision making. The Tactical dashboard in the sales department not only manages the company’s sales, but also helps the manager decide how to market each product on the given date.

tactical dashboard

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  • Tactical dashboard in HR department makes the work easy for HR department to recruiter the employee and track employee performance. For example, the Tactical Dashboard supports the introduction of a profit-sharing scheme, which certainly affects employees’ morale.

tactical dashboard

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An example of business intelligence tactical executive dashboard in a hotel industry:

Now you can understand the advantages of Tactical Dashboard in Business. If you want to create a dashboard with your data set, EzDataMunch offers you a free life time demo where you can upload your files and create a dashboard as per business requirements.


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