World’s first BI App Store!

What is EzDataMunch and the QlikView Business Discovery Platform?

  • QlikView is a disruptive in-memory technology enabling Business Discovery and Business Intelligence.
  • QlikView is a new kind of Smarter Business Intelligence software that changes your world.
  • It lets you stop guessing and start knowing how to make faster, smarter decisions.
  • What if you could answer any question about your business? With just a few ‘Qliks’, QlikView lets you consolidate, search, visualise and analyse all your data sources for unprecedented business insight.
  • QlikView empowers business users through business discovery to help accelerate informed business decisions, and can be accessed by many hundreds or even thousands of users.

You asked and we listened! We created world’s first Business Intelligence and reporting App Store! We at EzDataMunch thought of a simple answer to all your reporting and analysis needs:

  • You need a business user driven analysis tool, cheap, easy to use and easy to implement.
  • You need a pre-defined templates or reporting dashboards to plug in your data.
  • Aha!, the most import aspect, plug in any data from any source – Excel, text, CSV, XML, web data, website data, Facebook, Twitter and so on…

Why to consider EzDataMunch as part of your Smarter Business Intelligence Solution?

  • High customer satisfaction (96%).
  • Rapid payback period and ROI (186%).
  • Average time to value is less than 3 months.
  • Performance management improves employee productivity.
  • Companies benefit from an increase in revenue (16%) and a decrease in operating costs (20%) through accurate data analysis.
  • Everybody accesses the same data (only one version of the truth).

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