About Us

We’re committed professionals providing inventive solutions and top-notch service to our clients’ needs.

What we do:

Ezdatamunch helps companies drive their business by providing insight and access into critical data, KPIs, and metrics with a user-friendly and cost-effective enterprise dashboard applications on a Pay per Use model. We at EzDataMunch thought of a simple answer to all your reporting and analysis needs:

  • You need a business user driven analysis tool, cheap, easy to use and easy to implement
  • You need a pre-defined templates or reporting dashboards to plug in your data
  • Aha!, the most important aspect, plug in any data from any source – Excel, text, CSV, XML, web data, website data, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

What we created:

  • User friendly, self servicing, visually intuitive enterprise dashboard applications that provide an alternative to complex and expensive business intelligence software.
  • Insightful analysis and access into critical data, KPIs, and metrics with minimum efforts with its pre-packaged application model.
  • Lowest cost of implementing your business intelligence strategy across the enterprise – With its low cost subscription and no nonsense model.


Why Us?

Choose us for quality service, innovative solutions, and dedication to meeting your needs effectively and efficiently. We prioritize your success.


Our Mission:

“To enable every business manager to take better decisions with his / her knowledge about the business and insightful data analysis provided by EzDataMunch Playbooks / Apps for all available data within or outside the organization, with or without the help of IT resources.

anywhere, anytime and on any device.”

Our Vision:

EzDataMunch is a cloud platform of Apps / Playbooks / BI Dashboards for business managers to analyze data quickly and comprehensively across the organization at zero development cost.

-Use a Playbook from the store, load your data, configure your KPIs and start your Data Munching!


Our Growth

We are one of the fastest growing companies in business intelligence space in North America and have already earned accolades from our customers to be the disruptive BI company to watch for in the highly competitive business intelligence space!

EzDataMunch BI Apps are currently used by customers in the following industries:


Increase revenue through improved customer experience, cost reduction, branch performance tracking, seasonal workforce management, and successful marketing strategies.


Uncover business opportunities, gain customer insight, track and improve branch performance, make better products and ensure profitability by using our BI banking dashboards.


Many companies are using EzDataMunch to reduce cost, improve supply-chain processes, ensure timely delivery, track vehicle performance and keep customers happy.

Public Sector

Enhance public utility performance, make informed decisions, and implement effective initiatives to improve community services and operational efficiency.

Oil & Gas

Enhance forecasting accuracy, ensure adequate supply matching demand, align operations with market trends, and minimize costs to improve efficiency and profitability.


Deliver suitable products to customers, analyze their history to detect fraudulent claims, and offer optimal pricing strategies for increased profitability and customer satisfaction.


Enhance patient care, minimize wait times, boost profits using healthcare business intelligence dashboards designed for efficient data analysis and informed decision-making.

Real Estate

Get complete insight into property performance as per various geography, understand market trends, foreclosures, delays or defaults and get real-time property information.


Enhance student achievement by evaluating teacher effectiveness and boosting student enrollment through strategic initiatives for educational success and growth.


Do more up sell and cross sell, align operations and offerings as per the market trends, retain customers by providing better experience and deliver better product packages.


Identify opportunities across channels, maintain customer loyalty with high-quality services, and expand business across Mobile, TV, Print, and Internet platforms for growth.

Digital Marketing

Track campaign effectiveness, monitor live campaigns, evaluate marketing team contribution and returns, define better marketing campaigns and improve ROI on every penny spent.


Adjust to market trends, ensure supply chain efficiency, manage stock optimally, retain existing customers and get new one with our retail business intelligence dashboard.


Ensure manufacturing success with real-time visibility into production, supply chain, and demand, optimizing operations for efficiency and market responsiveness.

A global customer base of organizations ranging from large, Fortune 500 companies to small and medium-sized businesses who rely on our business intelligence applications to make quicker, well-informed business decisions.

Let’s Get Started

Empower your business with valuable insights from the data lake

With comprehensive knowledge and experience in diverse search and analytics technologies, EzDataMunch can help you to unlock the full potential of the data lake for various business use cases. Contact us to see how to leverage intelligent search and analytics to unlock the full value of your enterprise data lake.