Adjust to market trends, ensure supply chain efficiency, manage stock optimally, retain existing customers and get new one with our retail business intelligence dashboard.

With EzDataMunch’s retail analytics solutions, users can draw real meaning from raw data. Give the Board new insights using easy-to-build dynamic dashboards that create context for any user. EzDataMunch retail dashboard apps seamlessly connects to your data sources, allowing dashboards to be updated in real-time. From data to insights in less than a week, business users can start using stunning dashboards and analyze data like never before!

Retail Analytics

EzInsights Retail Analytics helps stores improve how well their advertising works, manage their day-to-day tasks, keep costs down, and make sure customers are happy. It’s like a toolbox that gives stores the information they need to do better at all these things.

With EzInsights, stores can understand what’s working in their advertising campaigns, make their operations smoother, save money where they can, and make sure shoppers are happy with their experience. It’s all about helping stores do a better job and make their customers happy.


  • Advent of e-commerce has changed the game in retail. It was once considered to be the end of brick and mortar stores. However it became more of a hybrid mode where e-commerce websites and stores are working in tandem. The main goals being branding, customer outreach and engagement through digital and off-line avenues, customer satisfaction, market share and increase in profits. Customers have become more aware about the market and what suits their requirements as most of them study the product in detail before buying. Thus customer sentiment aspect is highly fluctuating and leads to loyalty deficit.
  • This scenario has made it indispensable for retailers to be in front of their customer’s 24×7. A comprehensive retail analytics solution enables business users to exploit all the marketing avenues that include mobiles, tablets, desktop and off-line marketing mix.
  • What’s more important is how the existing data and the new data that is being generated by various campaigns is harvested and transformed into real-time actionable and profitable decisions.
    At the same time controlling, managing and enhancing back end processes like supply chain, merchandising and logistics is highly crucial for creating a profitable outcome.

Market Analytics

Identify customer behavior, buying pattern & improve marketing efforts.

Retail Operations

Uncover hidden opportunities, manage inventory and labor.

Digital Marketing Analytics

Enhance marketing campaigns and improve ROI.

Customer Analytics

Sell more, understand customer behavior and align offerings.

Our Retail Client’s Experience.

We gave a high level description of our requirements and within 48 hours EzDataMunch team came up with the entire prototype that provided us an insight into how the entire solution may look like. It was a great surprise to find a company can pull of something like this complex in couple of days.


VP Sales Operations

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