Operations Dashboards and Applications

Apps and tools to help manage and monitor day-to-day business activities efficiently, simplifying operations.

Operations App

Companies may use a KPI dashboard or Metrics dashboard to monitor performance metrics such as on-time deliveries, product failures, customer care performance, back office productivity and incident response times. Operations management professionals commonly use Executive dashboards and Manufacturing dashboards to display important metrics for better data visualization but it takes too much time to get there. Not anymore, thanks to EzDataMunch Operations Apps, you can start analyzing and optimize your operations to build efficiencies in a matter of days and weeks!

Some of the Operations Analysis Apps include:

  • Customer Care Analytics.
  • Plant and Location performance.
  • Defect and Quality analysis.
  • Process efficiency analysis for back office functions such as claims processing, sales support, HR and admin.
  • Store Operations analysis.
  • Department or Branch operations analysis.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics analysis.

We also have Operations Applications designed for various Industry verticals like Retail, Hospitality, Hospitals, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing and Services.


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