EzDataMunch and Go4! partners to bring BI Advanced Analytics, Data Insights & Collaborative Sharing in Brazil

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Posted on September 20, 2017

EzDataMunch Business Intelligence Analytics with Go4!

September 2017 – The Go4! Solutions is proud to announce its partnership with the company EzDataMunch, specializing in solutions in “Social Business Intelligence” and advanced analysis. EzDataMunch has its roots in India, from where comes some of the best mathematicians in the world. It is currently based in Kansas, USA. In addition, the company has global offices in the US, UK, India and Asia.

The EzDataMunch team has well-experienced data scientists, Finance and Management professionals, engineers and business experts to provide advanced analytics solutions and a portfolio of more than 200 Business Intelligence applications for a multitude of industry sectors including as well as data connectors capable of adding advanced statistical functions and predictive capabilities to leading BI vendors such as Qlik, Tableau, Power BI, SAP, Oracle, and others.

According to Christian Majczak, Partner of GO4! Solutions, “we partner with EzDataMunch because they have a very experienced BI team and can provide advanced analytics and data insights with collaborative sharing, which is essential for all organizations working with business intelligence. Many companies are concerned about how we can act proactively before things happen and EzDataMunch can work with us to strengthen us with its capabilities and business platforms. “

“We think Brazil is a very important market with unique business challenges, where companies need a faster way to discover and share information about their data. Go4 is at the forefront of this innovation in Brazil and has local experience and expertise to help Brazilian companies take advantage of the best BI solutions available in the world. We want to promote innovation and gain opportunities for Brazilian companies along with GO4! “.

Says Anupama Desai, CEO of EzDataMunch.

About EzDataMunch : EzDataMunch (www.ezdatamunch.com) is a niche BI company with its Global Head quarter’s  in US.

Creates Advanced analytics models specific to business needs to provide Predictive/Prescriptive Analysis.Also provide analytics solutions with experience in multiple tools such as Qlik, Tableau, Power BI, R, Big Data, Google Analytics and much more.

R-Extension,Social BI Platform being the most popular products.

About Go4 Solution: The Go4! Solutions is the technology arm of Go4! Business Consulting, company with 15 years of experience in business management.For more than 5 years, the Go4! Solutions has been researching and developing Business Intelligence technologies, becoming in the process an official distributor of Qlik products , Business Intelligence partner  and SenseBI  and PurpleHRM international solutions representative .

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