Ensure manufacturing success by getting real-time visibility across production, supply-chain and demand.

Discover why manufacturing companies worldwide have turned to EzDataMunch’s manufacturing analytics solution to overcome their Business Intelligence (BI) challenges and improve their business performance using our dashboards.

Manufacturing Analytics

EzInsights Manufacturing Analytics helps companies become more flexible and successful quickly.

By using advanced manufacturing analytics, companies can discover new opportunities they didn’t know about before. They can make things run smoother in areas like making products, dealing with suppliers, maintaining quality, and handling deliveries. With EzInsights, they can get detailed, up-to-date, and accurate information to make things better. This means they can talk to each other better inside the company, make decisions faster based on data, and meet what customers need right when they need it.



  • Manufacturing companies need more flexible business models and real-time decision making intelligence.
  • EzDataMunch delivers measurable success quickly with no risk, minimal investment, and without having to commit substantial resources.
  • Anyone within your business, as well as your suppliers and distributors, can use EzDataMunch’ manufacturing analytics applications customized to each users’ needs.

Supply Chain

Monitor supplier performance, evaluate & select suppliers.


Control input cost, monitor & align processes & improve profit.


Predict demand, analyze customer behavior & control cost.

Our Retail Client’s Experience.

We gave a high level description of our requirements and within 48 hours EzDataMunch team came up with the entire prototype that provided us an insight into how the entire solution may look like. It was a great surprise to find a company can pull of something like this complex in couple of days.


VP Sales Operations

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Simplify your decision-making with actionable insights