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What is a financial analytics dashboard?

A financial dashboard provides users a complete insight with visual representation of their selected financial KPIs. EzDataMunch financial analytics dashboard helps to understand the summary for the dashboard like operating cashflow, current ration, net profit margin, gross profit margin, working capital etc.

Financial analytics dashboard allows finance team to monitor and track company overall expense, real time profit and sales analysis, performance analysis, decision making to an area where required instant action this helps organization to save lots of time and expense.

Why Financial Analytics Important?

  • Every business today needs timely information to make good decisions. A financial analytics dashboard can enhance the performance of your business and provide useful information that can make decisions easier for the company.
  • Financial analytics can help you focus on measuring and managing the tangible assets of your business such as cash and equipment.
  • The Financial Analytics Dashboard gives users an in-depth insight into business goals and targets and an opportunity to improve in areas such as ash flow, profitability and business value.
  • Every company needs financial planning and forecasting to run the business smoothly. This can be done through a financial analytics dashboard.

financial analytics dashboard

Important Financial Analytics everyone should know

financial analytics dashboard

Financial analysis can help you know your past business and current performance. It is also able to estimate your future graph by measuring past and present situation. Based on the analytics report, the user can make decisions for the organization. Here we will discuss some basic financial analysis that every business should know.

  • Predictive Sales analytics: An accurate sales projection is challenging for every business. Predicted sales analytics come into picture to predict sales projection. It provides inbuilt features of structured sales forecasting. Predictive sales analytics can help you plan and manage the peaks and troughs of your business.
  • Cash Flow analytics: It is necessary to track every cash flow transaction that occurs in the organization. Cash flow analytics serves as an important factor in the business as each business primary goal to achieve profitability. Cash flow analytics involves the use of real-time indicators such as working capital ratios and cash conversion cycles.
  • Profitability analytics: Profitability analytics gives you a profit based on every product without a complete analysis of the business. To know this, you need to access each product individually. Profit Analytics gave clear profit insights. It also helps in making decisions to get more profit and maintain profit growth.
  • Value driven analytics: Many organizations are able to determine where they are going and what they want to achieve. Their goals are set. These value drivers are important drivers that the organization needs to pull to realize its strategic goals.

Financial Analytics KPIs

Key performance indicators define how a good company is doing based on the set KPI. Monitoring KPIs shows whether a business is achieving its long-term goals.

Every company is conscious of its financial performance, whether it is related to the size of the company, the type and size of the industry. Where there is an accountant role to monitor expenditure, income, budget. The best way to keep active in the business world is by setting up a good, meaningful KPI dashboard that displays the financial metrics. The complete financial KPI report presents real-time updates on important financial data of the company, such as operating cash flow, current ratio, burn rate, etc.

list of financial indicators

  • Operating Cash Flow (OCF)
  • Current Ratio
  • Quick Ratio
  • Burn Rate
  • Net Profit Margin
  • Gross Profit Margin
  • Working Capital
  • Accounts Payable Turnover
  • Inventory Turnover

Financial analytics dashboard

Margin Analysis

Marginal analysis is an examination of the additional benefits of an activity compared to the additional costs incurred by the same activity. Many companies use margin analysis as a decision-making tool to maximize business profits. Below a graph showing a different area of marginal analysis and even compare between them such as sales office, customer wise, manufacturer wise, items and materials.

financial analytics dashboard

Revenue Analysis

Revenue analysis is an important part of financial analysis. It determines many factors such as the product or production and the area the revenue needs to increase. The graph below represents various revenue analysis based on material group, item group, inventory, manufacturer.

financial analytics dashboard

Return Stock

Return Stock is the return that investors draw from the stock market. The market often takes a long time to reward shareholders with returns on stock that correspond to the company’s return on capital. Below is the Return Stock Dashboard which provides Return Stock Analysis. It can also provide filter like month and a year, region, country, customer name etc.

financial analytics dashboard

Region Analysis

Regional analysis is done on the basis of geographical area. The bottom dashboard shows views on revenue by region-wise. A comparison can be made between the two regions. This gives real results about which area or location needs to be focused.

financial analytics dashboard



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