CRM Dashboards and Applications

Apps and tools to manage customer relationships, track interactions, and analyze data for better decision-making in business.

Sales and Marketing Analytics:

Sales Managers commonly use a Sales dashboard to track KPIs such as sales growth, commission breakdown, return on investment and conversion rates. Marketing Professionals often find that a Marketing Dashboard is critical for monitoring performance metrics such as adoption rate, customer loyalty, demographic analysis and budget constraints. EzDataMunch CRM Apps can manage your strategic accounts and streamline your sales planning process with more accurate forecasts and better data visualization.

Social Media Analytics:

We also have social media and other unstructured content analytics App that can bring you more insight into what your customers are saying about your product or services, your brand, your perception and more important, about your competition.

Mobile Application Analytics:

If you are a marketing director and trying to measure the success of your mobile App, look no further! We have one of the best Mobile App analytics dashboards in the industry! Not only we tell you how your mobility strategy is working, but also how it is working in a specific mobile App store like Apple iPad store or Apple iPhone store or Google play store or Amazon store. You can get your ranking, your Apps statistics, all at one low cost of $99/month per user. View the demo of our Mobile application analytics App today!

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