Uncover business opportunities across various channels, deliver high quality services to maintain customer loyalty, grow business in Mobile, TV, Print and Internet.

Our media business intelligence dashboards help companies to enhance marketing opportunities. Analyze end-to-end marketing campaign performance on multiple devices. Analyze traffic, demographics, average selling price of ads and most preferred products. Analyze historical data and calculate ROI to know marketing effectiveness and take necessary actions. Decision makers get accurate insight into customer behavior and purchasing patterns. Data from social media sites can be transformed into actions in seconds and marketing activities can be better aligned with budget and better customer insight by using our media analytics solution. Companies get a better understanding of associative experience of their customers and can identify points that are driving sentiments and business.

Media Analytics

The media industry is always changing, with new ways to advertise and share information popping up all the time. This can make things complicated, especially when it comes to figuring out the best time to show ads or share news. With so much data being created every second, it can be overwhelming for media companies to keep track of everything.

They face pressure from things like new rules, competition, and different ways people consume media. This affects how they distribute content, run operations, and advertise. To stay ahead, media companies need quick access to information. That’s where a media business intelligence solution comes in handy – it helps them make sense of all the data and make smart decisions to keep their audience engaged and their business thriving.

Our media analytics solutions improve companies performance by:


  • Profit optimization by better subscriber/viewer acquisition and loyalty.
  • Uncover business opportunities across distribution channels.
  • Better industry partnerships.
  • Better manage royalties, copyrights and content security.

Digital Marketing Analytics

Enhance marketing campaigns and improve ROI.

Mobile Analytics

Access reports anytime anywhere with just a click & ensure effective decisions.

Travel & Entertainment

See expense areas, track outliers & curb expenses.

Our Media Client’s Experience.

We wanted to analyze our Travel and expense spend across business units. The challenge was analyzing travel spend through “Concur” that was only providing partial insight. To do a more holistic spend analysis, we needed to consolidate data across various sources like Concur, HR data, P-Card data, Travel agency data, Contract data for hotels / car rental companies and business rules and policies to ensure we can analyze compliance to organization policies. After comparing multiple solutions out there in the market, we selected EzDataMunch as they had the most comprehensive playbook. We were able to analyze data as we needed, a simple user interface, data uploaded in cloud and best of all – we could see the savings of almost $2.5Mn in 60 days!

Whitepaper: Travel & Entertainment Spend Analysis Best Practices

Case Study: Travel & Expense Optimization For A Media Company

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