Provide right product to right customer, analyze customer history to track suspicious claims and give the best price at the right time to increase profit.

With EzDataMunch’s Education Analytics solutions, educators can draw real meaning from raw data. Give the Board and President’s Cabinet new insights using easy-to-build dynamic dashboards that create context for any user. EzDataMunch Education Data Analytics Apps seamlessly connects to your data sources, allowing dashboards to be updated in real-time. From data to insights in less than a week, business users can start using stunning education dashboard and analyze data like never before!

Education Analytics

EzInsights Education Analytics simplifies the process of managing educational institutions by offering user-friendly dashboards. With our solution, schools can boost student enrollment, monitor academic performance, and enhance financial management. By providing insights into enrollment trends, student achievements, and budget allocation, our analytics tool empowers educators to make informed decisions that drive growth and improve outcomes.

  • View reports anytime anywhere.
  • Analyze metrics such as student performance, attendance, classroom behavior and understand reasons for students drop out.
  • Use predictive analytics in education for future dropouts and take corrective actions.
  • Track teacher’s performance and ascertain training requirements to ensure quality outcome. Manage workforce within budgets and allocate funds appropriately.

Higher Education

Simplify application process and enhance student experience.

Student Recruitment

Increase student recruitment per year and maintain education quality.

Digital Marketing Analytics

Enhance marketing campaigns and improve ROI.

Workforce Analytics

Manage budget and maintain student teacher ratio as per requirement.

Assistant Controller

We were looking for a smarter financial analysis solution. We provided few data samples and within 6 days we could see a very exhaustive dashboard with our KPIs well laid down using EzDataMunch Finance Dashboard Playbook for hotel chains.

Key KPIs for health insurance analytics

Simplify your decision-making with actionable insights