Big Data Overview

Using data to predict future trends, behaviors, and outcomes through analysis, algorithms, and machine learning.

EzDataMunch Big Data Applications!

People are connected. SMS, MMS, video, email, and mobile conversations are just a few examples. All of these connections create very unique, detailed records. If analyzed properly, providers will understand the behaviors and expectations of their subscribers resulting in services and applications to enhance their customer’s experience. EzDataMunch Big Data Applications enable Retailers, Telecom, Insurance, Banks, Media and Technology companies to analyze and make informed decisions in near real time with unparalleled efficiency, performance, and scalability. In the past, Big Data Solution = Big Investment, Well not anymore! Have your own Big Data Applications at a fraction of a cost without having to deploy a team of analysts, IT support and programmers to make it all happen. With EzDataMunch BI Apps Store, we’ve changed the BI landscape, by providing ready Apps to business needs empowering end users to do self service analysis and discovery.

EzDataMunch Big Data Applications features include:

  • Scalable framework to support Big Data models.
  • Dynamic data models by integrating data from any sources including Google big query, social networks, device sensors, etc.
  • Any data in any format.
  • Visually simple, KPI driven dashboards and analysis.
  • Functional domain expert driven App design.
  • Business function specific or industry specific metrics and analysis.
  • Functional areas include Customer care analysis, Social media listening posts, Customer reviews analysis, sentiment analytics, market and political dynamics analysis, Mobile Application analytics, etc.
  • In-memory analytics and storage for better storage optimization.

Big Data Applications

Big Data Applications process large volumes of data for various purposes like analysis, prediction, optimization, and decision-making in diverse fields.

Listen to what your customers are calling about. Are they angry? Are they asking for help or are they trying to place an order? for which product or service they call often? Which store location they call and why they call? What time of the day or hour they call? How the call was handled? Did it transfer correctly to the agent? If so, how many attempts it took to transfer it to the right agent? Whether the call was Contained? It it was not, when it was Abandoned? How many questions were correctly answered during the call? What is the script performance? Our App can provide you all the insights in almost real-time basis as the calls land at your call center!

With 1.2 billion people using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Foursquare, Yelp and other social media websites…they generate a lot of content…If you are a retailer, insurance company, a bank, a non profit, a government agency – there is one thing in common – you want to know what people are talking about and what are the trends! There is another aspect to this whole social media madness!  What people talk about you, how employees perceive your company’s brand, its image as employer, what they talk about your product and services, whether they will respond to surveys, how they see you against your competition, how they will react to your next marketing communication and business decision to merge or acquire a company…all this can be analyzed using EzDataMunch Apps if you want to LISTEN! Welcome to our Listening post Apps!  They provide you detailed analysis of posts from various websites, blogs, generally  on internet, political tickers, economic and social trends, data from your Facebook and Twitter accounts, from your competition, product and services and what people talk about it, how they perceive it and build impressions!

It is very important if you are a manufacturer or the service provider to know what the customers are looking for so that either you can create or modify your products or services to provide what is needed. Because every consumer likes to know what others are saying about the products or services that they intend to buy.   Consumer Reviews do make or break the buying decisions and result into a lost revenue opportunity for you.  Further, a lot of negative remark about your product or services can spread quickly in the current socially connected world and it can hurt your corporate brand or image even before your marketing department can put their acts together. What you need is an Assurance policy –> a way to understand and listen what your customers are talking about you, your products, your brand, your services and probably your competition and their product…your next big product idea can also come from these reviews and not just focused product groups! EzDataMunch Consumer Review Apps have following features to help you: 

  • Detailed analysis of consumer reviews and “Sentiments” using latest Machine learning and Natural Processing languages
  • Time series analysis
  • Predictive analysis to know whether a product or services will succeed or fail based on the review so far available
  • Context analysis and competitor analysis
  • Accumulation of new ideas and features that can help to make products or services better based on the reviews

EzDataMunch has applications for both healthcare Providers and Payers to help them to improve the quality of healthcare for its customers. EzDataMunch also has applications for Research and development community that includes Universities, Colleges, Counties, Cities, State or Federal Government to do a large scale data discovery without spending millions of dollars. Some of our Apps include:

  • Patient recovery analysis across providers.
  • Provider analysis for efficiency, type of care, bed utilization, etc.
  • Time series analysis of patient symptoms for predicting health issues going forward.
  • Research on obesity analysis.
  • Fraud detection in medicare and medicad.
  • Claim process efficiency analysis across multiple payers to determine why and how claims result into legal disputes.

EzDataMunch partners with Government and Semi-Government entities such as counties, cities, State and Federal Government, Universities, Colleges, School districts and nonprofit organizations to carry out multiple research objectives. We have one mission – to provide the best data analysis possible so that the care and well being of citizens can be continuously improved year over year. We provide FREE assistance in some of these programs and would love to partner with you.

Some of the programs where EzDataMunch Apps can be used are:

  • Spend Analysis.
  • Service / Customer care analysis.
  • Economic analysis.
  • Research like Accident analysis, health analysis, Economic development, migration, Education, law enforcement related data, etc.
  • Legal data discovery

With 300,00+ applications in Apple App store and 150,000+ applications in Google Play store, 50 billion+ downloads –> Smartphone mobile applications have changed our world. But it is equally difficult to measure the success of your mobile App across multiple App stores if you don’t have the right tools. EzDataMunch Mobility App allows:

  • To measure the downloads across multiple stores or for a specific store with various time series analysis.
  • Revenue shared – whether it is a shared revenue, or in App purchase or Ad revenue – you can see all in one dashboard.
  • Ad performance – How are the Ads performing within your App, which Ads users like, when they click, etc.
  • Ranking Analysis across multiple App stores – In the specific sub-category and category and also across the all the App available in that App store – Free / Paid / Gross.
  • Customer reviews – How to make your Mobile App experience better, what customers are saying about your App, do they like some other Apps in the same category – get better insights to help you decide what will be the next version of your Mobile App.
  • Leaderboard Analysis.

With Smart devices, location tracking and mapping is provided by every business or consumer App. If you are a Retailer or a marketing company, you want to send coupons based on where consumers are, which store, which aisle, etc. If you are a Telecom companies are able to track your information every second of the day and would like to use that information to generate additional stream of revenue. EzDataMunch has Apps that provide:

  • Easy slicing and dicing of various customer segments and associations between various data points that you may have in your data sets including Geo location data.
  • Correlations and patterns within how consumers move between a specific Geo Fencing radius.
  • How are they using their smartphones during special events like Superbowl, NBA championships, bad weather days, holidays, weekends, etc.
  • Which Apps consumers are using the most? It helps you to put targeted content or slice them effectively into various buckets for various marketing and Ad targeting activities.
  • Favorite places visited on a time series scale and much more.
We never imagined that we can find out some much from the consumer reviews generated on internet and blogs that give a real insight into what our customers are thinking.  This changes everything – how we market our products, how we run our stores, how we price them and our future plans!  The business impact of such a magnitude at such a low cost – this is the best example of ROI I have seen in my whole professional career.

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