Call Center Dashboard

Priority for any call center is to meet service level agreement (SLA), increase agent productivity, reduce call handle time and ensure customer satisfaction. To be able to provide the highest level of customer service, your call center need continuous insights into critical call center metrics and KPIs. Real-time insight into the performance metrics and KPIs represented on a call center dashboard enables call centers to take care of their priorities.

Call Center KPI Dashboard

Track important KPIs in your call center dashboard to identify trends.

  • This comprehensive call center KPI dashboard help managers to get complete insight into daily performance. On the other hand, managers can use this dashboard to build a holistic picture of performance over a longer time.
  • Critical KPIs like FCR (first call resolution), average length of interaction, average speed to deliver solution and SLA adherence can be viewed. Your agents’ performance can be improved by analysing abandon rate, call transfer rate, volume of incoming calls and customer satisfaction rate.

I want to increase my operational efficiencies!!

  • Improvement in operations is directly proportional to the improvement in performance. At any time, you should know the volume of calls you can handle. Also, it is crucial to know the availability of the agents to take the call.
  • This call center dashboard gives real-time information of the current call volume, agents available to take the call and more.
  • You can improve the performance by reducing the call resolution time. This enables agents to take more calls, reduce the number of calls in queue and ensure customer satisfaction.

I want to Improve My Agents’ Performance and Ensure Happy Customers!!

  • Customer satisfaction ultimately depends on agents’ ability to resolve their queries amicably and in time. Agents are successful and happy if they are equipped with required skill sets and product or service knowledge. You may have defined quality parameters however, its of no use if these parameters are not being adhered to.
  • Our call center dashboard gives you complete insight into agents’ performance. You can see various pre-defined metrics such as quality, adherence, CPV,attrition and more in action.
  • You can benchmark the performance for every metrics and track the changes there on. A periodic view helps you to track the performance, identify the gaps, understand training needs and take necessary actions. Thus, you will be able to ensure happy customers and improve quality.

Call Center Metrics Dashboard

I would like to increase the accuracy of forecasting our performance and call flow.

  • Forecasting abilities can be enhanced by having real-time and right kind of information. You can compare current period’s data with earlier data to identify the trends that cause changes. Tracking these periodic changes combined with other metrics gives you actionable information to improve accuracy.
  • This call center dashboard provides you real-time insight into business critical metrics. You can see call success percentage over the period, top and bottom call handlers, billing transactions, call abandoned rate and other queries. All these metrics can be drilled down further to draw a conclusion that leads to overall improvement and customer satisfaction.

I Want to Track Trends and Know Call Outcomes in Detail.

  • An advanced call center dashboard like ours, takes into account the minute details of every call. A user may define the metrics and KPIs as per his/her role and designation. The details thus captured turns into critical information over time. This information enable users to track periodic trends and take necessary actions.
  • As you can see, the dashboard represents critical information in details. You can track trends such as calls coming from various region and periodic changes in calls. Also, based on the industry type, you can see the detailed outcome of every call for product or services offered and compare performance.
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