Business Intelligence (BI) Apps

BI apps analyze data to provide insights, helping businesses make informed decisions for improved performance and efficiency.

Apps for Your Entire Business


  •  Sales & Revenue Analysis
  • Customer Targeting
  • Cross sell more to existing customers
  • Online Channel Performance
  • Sales forecasts
  • Revenue mix and lead analysis


  • Expense Management
  • Financial & Management Reporting
  • P&L Analysis by LOB
  • Portfolio Management & Analysis
  • Investment Performance & Profitability
  • Investment Research
  • Scenario / What-if Analysis

Executive Management

  • Executive Dashboards
  • Balanced Scorecards
  • Product Performance
  • Sales Performance
  • Operational Performance
  • Voice of Customer
  • Marketing & Brand management
  • Investor Analysis

Marketing & Prod Management

  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Profitability & Segmentation
  • Product Performance Analysis
  • Marketing Campaign Analysis
  • Social Network analysis
  • Brand Management


  • Control your spend
  • Better supplier performance
  • Better contract negotiation
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Processing and Fast Tracking

HR & Operations

  • Improve customer services
  • Channel mix and product life cycle
  • Optimize supply chain
  • Labor cost and turnaround time
  • Customer Care Analysis
  • Employee Performance

Risk Management & Compliance

  • Solvency II Compliance
  • Risk & Exposure Analysis
  • Travel Expense Fraud
  • Labor cost leakage Analysis
  • Pay performance and compensation exception analysis

Information Technology (CIO)

  • Project Portfolio Analysis
  • Support tickets Analysis
  • Contract resource Analysis
  • Resource Allocation
  • Task and project tracker Analysis
  • Customer Care Analysis

Pre-Built Dashboards

EzDataMunch business intelligence dashboards allow you to connect to both the online and the on-premises world in the same place. Upload your data in the document center and start your insight-driven discovery.

Ease of adding new ways to analyze data

With EzDataMunch business intelligence dashboards, users can add more ways to slice and dice the data, add more charts, define more KPIs, etc. Each BI dashboard will allow users to add more analysis based on user requirement on real-time basis.

Simple solution to your complex problems

With EzDataMunch, you don’t need to hire development team to build reporting applications for you. The amount of time and money that you spent on requirements, development, testing and data integration projects – you get the best reporting solutions at a fraction of a cost per month with no contracts to sign!

Power of In-memory engine – Seeing is believing: Load your data, access the App and start discovering!

With EzDataMunch business intelligence dashboards, you can use interactive visualizations that will highlight the trends and patterns hidden in your data. We at EzDataMunch do all the heavy lifting of defining the dashboards, the KPIs related to your business or functional area, load the data and provide you ready applications for data analysis.

Ease of Collaboration

Decisions are never made in isolation. Each EzDataMunch BI dashboard allows users to share the link with other users. Filter your results and create bookmarks to be shared with others in the organization. This makes it easy to explain figures and clear up any questions people looking at it may have. Enter the world of collaborative decision making.

Comparative Analysis

Compare multiple groups data with your back office, carry out basket analysis, multiple year analysis, product, customer, business, department, ERP, data source type and many more comparisons are possible.

No Data Warehouse or Cube building: Any data source, any file format

EzDataMunch BI dashboards can combine data from any data source – Cloud or in-house. Whether data is stored in ERP systems,, blogs, internet websites, any database – you can load that in the document center in EzDataMunch.

Business Intelligence applications with drill down capabilities

Each EzDataMunch BI application provides drill down capabilities to see how your data is aggregating. There are no pre-defined levels of drill down – meaning you can drill down down as deep as you want without writing a single line of code! EzDataMunch BI applications allow users to group dimensions and facts in “Cyclic” manner as well.

Examine data from multiple perspectives simultaneously

EzDataMunch business intelligence application makes it easy to shift from one perspective to another while in a dashboard. Comparative analysis, associations, Grouping, Creating Bookmarks to run the same query again and again or share it with other decision makers in real-time, all possible in one simple “Click”.

In the end, every new fact that you discover with EzDataMunch BI applications could be one that translate into big benefits for your business.

Create branded Business Intelligence applications in minutes

Brand your EzDataMunch BI applications with your own logo and custom colors. Special text insertion, position and size everything the way you want is possible by simply dragging and dropping with a click of your mouse.

One Business Intelligence application for multiple clients

EzDataMunch BI application allow you to duplicate an App and change all the data sources used in it. It turns your existing custom BI application or standard App into a powerful template.

For example, let’s say you are using Social Media Analytics App for one of your clients and you want to do the same one for another client with different data. It’s as easy as a couple of mouse clicks.

Data visualization features rated #1 in the industry

EzDataMunch business intelligence applications are developed using QlikView BI product. QlikView is rated #1 by Gartner and BI consumers across the world for the best visualization in the BI industry. You get the best at the lowest possible cost! So happy munching.

Secure access with a wide range of security options

Each EzDataMunch BI application can be securely accessed by users across your organization. Each BI App comes with an in-built feature to provide access to only the relevant data and reports to a specific user based on his / her role in the organization. The App works as if it is a custom App designed with custom data for each user…isn’t that simple?


On the move? Not a problem ! EzDataMunch business intelligence applications are available on all the smartphones and tablets for you to make decisions on the go. Never miss out an important information while you are in a meeting with a customer or working with your suppliers on the next big project! You got all your data and analysis right in your palm…we might just even make it Siri enabled one day, who knows!

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