Travel & Expense Optimization For A Media Company

The Challenge

  • Laborious system of integrating data from multiple sources.
  • Exhausting and time-consuming task of generating reports.
  • No clear focus area to determine the sources of leakages and policy violations.
  • Unavailability of reports on a timely basis.
  • Using excel to analyze data and distribute reports.
  • Insufficient number of skilled resources in analyzing the data and identifying areas to improve.

The Scope

The T&E Expense Optimization application provides insights into the Travel & Entertainment expenses of a large media Company. It captures the spend data, analyses various KPIs and identifies the areas to optimize. The spend analysis application addresses the major business challenges and provides substantial benefits to the business.

One of the world's biggest media companies.

We Provided Best Solution

$2 mn cost savings in less than 60 days

Effortless integration of data from multiple sources.

Agility in generating reports.

Self-Service model of analyzing the data & identifying areas to stop leakage.

User-friendly and appealing graphical representation of reports, helped in making the business reporting process easier and meaningful.

Collective intelligence resulting in improved decision-making.

Source Documents

·  Concur Expenses Data ·  Expense Report Information
·  CWT Travel Agency       Data ·  Flight details, car rental and other information
·  Active Employees Data ·  Oracle ERP
·  GL Accounts ·  Oracle ERP
·  Journal Entries ·  Other expense related journal     entry data
·  Hotels and Rental company data ·  Contract Data
·  Card spend data ·  Amex, US and Citi Bank Card data – Flat files
·  Policy information ·  Excel sheet

Metrics / KPIs

Following Broad Categories Were Covered

Expense analysis

  • By Period (month, quarter & year)
  • By Location
  • By Expense Type
  • By Employees
  • By Vendors
  • By Corporate card

KPI analysis

  • Volumes
    • Monthly analysis
    • Claims Status
    • Lead time analysis
  • Reports
    • submitted on time
    • approved on time
    • Outstanding and not filed Reports
  • Offenders

Violations analysis

  • By Employees
  • By Type of Violations
    • Air policy violations
    • Agency policy violations
    • Hotel policy violations
    • Car policy violations

Air Ticket analysis

  • Expired Tickets & Upcoming Expirations
  • Supplier & Traveler analysis


  • Travel Exceptions
  • Hotel Exceptions

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