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Sales graphs and charts provide information about the business. The dashboard specifically provides the value of customer figures and market positioning. The sales manager can get a complete overview of the number and value of closed deals, as well as potential leads.
Sales managers can use this dashboard to analyze performance and develop a strategy. They can also see the progress of the sales team and the individual leads generated by the candidate.

What is Sales Dashboard?

A sales dashboard can be defined as a visual representation of sales data. Sales data can be collected from various sources and visualized on the dashboard to generate a quick actionable decision. This dashboard also helps in measuring key metrics, individual team members and sales activity.

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Sales Dashboard Tips and Guidance

Are you ready for munch your data into dashboard and build reports? But it is helpful to follow few tips in mind as you create your own sales dashboard.

  1. Use simple and clean layout

Try to avoid using too many colors to create scenes (e.g., graphs and charts). This can distract you from data and can be difficult to understand. Many dashboard tools allow you to layout in a grid view which helps organize the data for further use.

The best practice is placing the important chart in the top left corner of the dashboard. According to user experience, it was observed that the chart on the dashboard has more views than the chart to the left. You can take this tip when designing a dashboard which gives you more value to your dashboard.

  1. Apply calculations (where needed)

Applying calculation to your report to context can be helpful for you to save time. Team members can get a benefit form the calculations because they do not need to worry calculation of month over month revenue growth.

  1. Make the dashboard accessible and specific

If your dashboard design specifically for sales manager, or executives available to all, individual contributes can also see which metrics are important for leadership.

Keep your dashboard and report transparent so sales reps can have ability to view inside of the business and can see their impact on the business.

Different sales graphs and charts know which graph to use for Sales Manager

Annual Analysis Sales

Annual sales analysis describes the company’s overview of how the company has performed in the past year, what are the steps required for the coming year, sets goals and missions for the company, and more. It covers everything from the company’s financial statement, CFO, sales team and marketing team. The dashboard below shows the monthly sales trends according to monthly name, division, name, customer, region name, sales representative name, etc.

sales graph

Budget Analysis

Budget Analysis Dashboard provide an interface for the financial analyst to quick view the budget and forecast the data at a glance. Below Budget analysis dashboard gives clear picture of the budget of a company. The sales manager can analyses graphs and chart and can forecast future. The graph represents sales by product in different state and city, Actual amount vs budget and sales vs budget.

sales graph

Customer Wise Total Sales Due

There are several ways to visualize the sales dashboard. The one is customer wise total sales due. The below dashboard presents the status of the customer of the total sales amount due. The filter bar at the top can filter the customer year and month wise.

sales graph

Dashboard Sales

A sales dashboard is a visual representation of real-time sales data. This information was further filtered over a given period. Common metrics that are monitored include quota yield, conversion / win rate, average deal size, revenue, sales funnel leakage.

sales graph

KPI Dashboard

KPI Dashboard is the important business metrics for your organization. In this dashboard, you can find all the important metrics on a single page. You can see the performance of the metrics side by side on a single dashboard.

sales graph

Region City Wise Sales Amount Due

These metrics we have already discussed above but instead of customer wise here we will discuss region-wise sales amount due. This dashboard helps sales executives locate the area where the amount is pending. The bar chart below describes the country names like United States, Australia etc. and the ratio of total sales amount.

sales graph

Sales Analysis

The sales analysis dashboard examines the sales report to see if goods and services have not been sold and what has not. This dashboard allows executives to determine how to maintain stock inventories, how to set company goals, how to handle manufacturing capabilities, and ultimately to the company’s advantage.

sales graph

Sales Analysis by Location

These metrics have the same meaning we discussed above. Sales analysis is measured here, but they are by location. The dashboard below represents the sales by city map indicating the total number of sales generated by city or state wise.

sales graph

Sales Representative Performance

Sales representative performance can be measured by business or employee tasks or activities. This dashboard helps to monitor the employee’s results and the targets set. The graph below mentions the total revenue collected by the sales team and by individual performance.

sales graph

Sales Rep Performance by Quantity

This metrics is like the one discussed above but is measured by quality. The graphs below represent individual sales volume by sales representative. The report shows the sales representative by variance. Here you can find all the list of sales reps along with sales variance.

sales graph

Total Sales

The Total Sales Dashboard periodically monitors and measures the total value of sales. The graph below shows the total sales amount by year and the bar chart shows the total line amount by year.

sales graph



Knowledge is power and when it comes to sales it becomes more essential. The above 11 sales graph gives your insight into a business, using this sales graph and chart provides an inspiration for your own sales dashboard so that you can always see actionable insights available to you.
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