Drive operational success by getting real-time information into multiple factors and improve the bottom line.

Hospitality industry face immense challenge to get real-time information of their day-to-day operations. This information is critical to understand and enhance the bottom line. It helps to make optimal purchases, ration labor as per the demand and avoid food wastage. Data gets generated from areas like reception, housekeeping, maintenance, kitchen, restaurant, sales, stores and purchasing. Comprehensive and accurate insight from all these sources drives business performance, control theft and fraud, manage cost, facilitates optimal resource utilization resulting in profit and customer satisfaction.

EzDataMunch’s pre-built hotel analytics dashboards have of more than 100 metrics which help decision makers at every level to convert data into real-time actionable information with just a click.

Hotel Food Cost Analysis


  • Maintain revenue margins by understanding daily food rate trends and decide the optimal pricing on the menu for food and beverage items.
  • This is measured by adding up food purchase for the week and measuring them against food sales.
  • This metric is important to control food stock and avoid wastage of perishable goods.
  • Our hotel analytics dashboards helps to review in depth item cost per location.
  • Measure the variance cost as per time of the day.

Hotel Labor Cost Analysis

  • Hospitality industry thrives hard to achieve a balance between demand and labor supply during season and off-season.
  • However the balance is seldom achieved because of the inaccurate and fraudulent data. Labor must be utilized to maximize sales opportunities during peak time and reduced during off season.
  • Our hotel analytics dashboard represents metrics such as hourly labor, schedules, overtime, shifts, guests per labor hour and rates per hour.

Hotel Expense Analysis

  • Maintaining proper quantity of inventory as per the demand and getting the best price for those goods from multiple vendors is imperative to contain the ever-growing inventory cost.
  • Know the available quantity of stock in hand.
  • Our hotel analytics dashboard also helps to understand the future requirements of inventory in advance.
  • See the amount spent on various items and calculate wastage if any as per location.
  • Access best price from the list of vendors to save inventory costs.


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