The level of acceptance by the end user measures business intelligence success in any organization. The simplicity in using (mobile bi) the solution, the accuracy of the information and the speed of representing the important KPIs and metrics add’s on to the success of business intelligence efforts. As per a Gartner report, Mobile is the most significant consumer technology when it comes to enhancing BI adoption.

Every organization is looking for ways to use their data optimally. Using a mobile BI platform provides that additional leverage to companies by enabling widespread use of data. Critical data can be extended to every business process owner and line managers for example in an operational environment a dashboard representing critical metrics based on the information gathered from multiple relevant sources improves the accuracy of decisions. And, availability of accurate and real-time information in a not so cumbersome device enhances the decision-making capabilities across the board thus resulting in companies’ success. Organizations with mobile BI are better positioned to take critical decisions compared to ones that don’t use mobile BI

However there are some guidelines to follow in order to ensure success of mobile BI adoption strategy. But, selecting the right solution for you amongst the plethora of vendors out there can be a daunting task. Based on our experience, we have tried to highlight some important points to consider that can be incorporated in your mobile BI strategy.

Device agnostic:

An organization is comprised of different kind of employees. Every employee is unique and has her own preferences in terms of mobile device, operating systems like iOS, android etc. thus most of the time an organization has multitude of devices. This is specially the case when other parties such as partners, vendors and customers are also involved. It becomes difficult to have uniformity in having one single device being used by stakeholders across the organization. And, introduction of new management, leaders or mergers exacerbate the situation further by diluting the control.

These points are critical while selecting a mobile BI solution, as your organization will seldom have uniformity in terms of device. Most of the companies are also financing their employees to buy device of their choice in order to save money and promote acceptance of mobile BI. However, there are host of other critical points to consider before selecting a mobile BI solution. Different device have different screen size and resolutions thus it is important for a mobile BI solution to fit in to all the sizes and resolutions to ensure maximum participation and ease of understanding and handling. Ignoring this important aspect might put companies in a situation where they have to invest in other mobile BI solution that dynamically and intuitively adjust itself to the layout and dashboards of your target mobile device.

Major factor to consider while selecting a mobile BI solution vendor is to check the technology they are using. To ensure the extensive acceptance of a BI solution by the users, you need to consider a mobile BI solution that leverages multiple methods of open web standards like JavaScript and HTML5.

User Experience (Mobile BI):

Many BI companies provide beautiful user interfaces when it comes to desktop or laptops with amazing features and graphical quality however the quality deteriorates when the same interface is seen on a mobile device. This inconsistency causes challenge for the user to access data smoothly on the go. Many a times users have complain about the lack of functionality of BI tools on mobile as the solution that was providing complete ease of use and access to data on desktop or laptop was not able to perform beyond the most basic operations.

Users have experienced additional steps in the activities on mobile BI dashboards. Activities like drilling down take more clicks to get the report compared to desktop or laptop. This variation in use tends to create irritation amongst the users over the long run and may cause delays in critical decisions.

Many vendors also provide solutions that have different interfaces on desktop and mobile. Functionality might not be restricted in these cases however the cosmetic difference between the interfaces itself causes discomfort when it comes to using the dashboard on the mobile. Critical elements like intuitiveness of the solution decreases and more actions may be required to achieve the same result.

Ultimately what users would really like to have is uniformity of BI solutions across the board. They want rich user experience for all the aspects like functionality, interface and the user friendliness of the solution on mobile just the way it is on their desktop or laptops.

Cloud services:

Cloud servicesmobile business intelligence have opened up a whole new world for companies to simplify the use of their BI solutions. Many companies have already implemented cloud and more are adding to this list every day. By leveraging cloud services, companies can focus more on their core business functions.

Cloud BI for mobile provides companies the opportunity to store all their data on single platform that extends uniformity of information to all the devices and reduce cost of investment in having different repositories for different devices. The data on this single platform can be accessed from anywhere and anytime and this uniformity mitigates the discrepancy of accessing data on multiple device. This quality improves the decision making capabilities of the user and the company can be confident of the same data being used everywhere. Companies are saved the burden of investing in hardware, software and security.

Cloud BI is ideal for large companies where the users are interspersed around the globe and includes partners, customers and employees. The availability of same URL and similar login credentials makes it easy for all the stakeholders to use the data on the go and from any corner of the world. This also ensures that there is uniformity in the information shared that fosters confidence and transparency thus enhances the overall performance of the company.

Advantage of EzDataMunch:

EzDataMunch founded in 2010, a privately held company, is a business leader in providing dashboard solutions. It’s the world’s first BI apps and workbook store with plethora of apps to choose from. Bi solutions by EzDataMunch are industry specific and cater to a wide range of industries. These solutions have been developed keeping all the industry relevant intricacies in mind and focuses on the most important KPIs and metrics that can drive business success and impact the bottom line. Companies have two options; they can either choose from the ocean of pre-built industry specific applications or customize one from scratch as per their requirements. Founders of EzDataMunch hold over 15 years of experience in the Business Intelligence industry and have been working with small, medium and large companies paving a way for them to choose the best solution that can save them time and money. These BI dashboards give real time and accurate information to drive business success.

EzDataMunch targets decision makers who are responsible for driving positive change in the organization. Many years of experience of working with such executives have given EzDataMunch the opportunity to understand their pain points and to provide the right BI solution. EzDataMunch leverages its rich experience of working in multiple industries to make its solution flexible, user friendly, intuitive user interface with the capability to create charts and reports on the go. These reports are created based on real time information and can be easily shared with stakeholders across the board.

Advantage of EzDataMunch lies in the fact that these Bi dashboard workbooks can be created and consumed on both desktops and mobile devices. All the BI dashboard solutions by EzDataMunch are device agnostic and integrates with the enterprise systems with ease. The self-service BI solutions provide autonomy to the non-technical users and they can customize their own reports without the help of technical assistance.


What is Mobile BI?
Mobile BI enables accessing and analyzing business data on smartphones and tablets, fostering data-driven decisions on-the-go.

Why is Mobile BI important?
It allows instant access to critical insights anytime, anywhere, facilitating faster decision-making and enhancing overall business agility.

How does Mobile BI work?
Mobile BI apps retrieve data from centralized sources, presenting it in user-friendly formats optimized for mobile devices, ensuring accessibility and usability.

Who benefits from Mobile BI?
Business professionals across industries benefit, from executives needing real-time insights to field employees requiring data access outside the office.

What are the advantages of Mobile BI?
It boosts productivity, enhances collaboration, and enables quicker responses to market changes, driving competitive advantage and business growth.


Milan Desai as a Chief Technology Officer has more than 20 years of industry experience in working with clients to solve business problems. Passionate about leveraging technology for improving the quality of life and optimize the use of resources. Currently, working on utilizing data to drive business decision making process and user understanding of key metrics that drive the organization and markets in general. Chief Technology Officer of EzDataMunch – the first BI Apps store in the world.

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