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What Is A Marketing Report?

Marketing report is a type of report that contains important and irreplaceable documents for the marketers. This marketing report presents the overall marketing position of products or group of products. It shows the market condition of a product or service as its price, demand, supply, quantity of transactions, trend of market structure etc.

Why Need to Create Regular Marketing Reports?

If we think from the point of view of digital marketing, then your goal should be to develop your company. Timely posting the content on social media platform, Email Campaign, search-engine-optimized are all the resources for the sales activity.

Many clients would be demanding for marketing reports for daily, monthly, and weekly basis, then you should be focus on

  • Present your work structure
  • Mention the target you have succeed
  • Work on the area where need improvement

Benefits of creating Marketing Report:

Value to client: It is difficult for a customer to work harder without assigning an overall position of marketing strategies or reporting about progress. So, use the habit of preparing reports on a regular basis. Report your efforts on the job as a report or data, and keep reporting to the customer.

Keep data in one place: If it is not properly structured then the marketing data will appear glitch. By creating a well-organized marketing report, you can ensure that you are collecting the most important information for your customer at a trusted place consistently.

View status and plan for future: It is difficult to measure in marketing whether you are going to your goal unless you have the appropriate report or data for visualization. Using the marketing template, makes your work easy to reach the business goals you want. It provides all the details of past history, understand the strategies that do not work, identify trends, and plan the future on the basis of what you have learned.

marketing report

Guideline for Marketing Report Template

A well-structured marketing report is created on the basis of transaction and other dealings taken place in a particular market. It is generally written on the transactions of a particular type of product.

Page Highlight:

We should always keep a summary in the first part of the report. The report should include important metrics and overview. Keep the format easy, so everyone can easily read and understand the report. Your customer should have a general understanding of where marketing is from the first month. Everything that comes after this section should contain more detailed information on the areas discussed by you on the summary page.

Marketing Strategy:

Marketing strategy is a business game plan to reach the maximum number of people and convert them into a customer of the product and services offered by the business. The marketing strategy informs the marketing plan, which is a document that lays out the types and timing of marketing activities.

Before planning for any marketing strategy plan the following question and answer:

  • What is the target market?
  • What are the primary marketing channels?
  • What are growth opportunities?
  • What is the current scope of this project?

Conversion Metrics:

Marketers are only interested to see the insights of the reports that are not concerned about the actual data they collect. Conversion metrics give clear information on how well the marketing planning work. The summary of the report gives the exact picture of actions are being taken by users, customers, and clients. Some selected KPIs have been discussed below.

  • Revenue
  • Cost per conversion on paid channels (paid search, social promotions, native advertising, etc.)
  • Leads by channel (websites, social media, referrals, paid search, email marketing, offline sources, etc.)
  • Customer acquisition
  • Paid leads vs. organic leads

To get a correct output of the conversion metric, you have to work with the customer’s team in relation to sales and revenue. If they are running an ecommerce site selling products on it, trace the eCommerce sales report.

Website Metrics:

The next and most important factor of digital marketing is the website metric. This is one of the important marketing aspects of client websites. Without website metrics, you cannot get a background report on the website that can waste time and money on you.

Top conversion website metrics

  • Page views
  • Unique users
  • Bounce rates
  • traffic sources (organic, paid, social, referral)
  • Top pages
  • Top referrers
  • Top linking pages

Know Which Marketing Metrics to Report

If we start gathering anything that is not related to the subject and it would be useless to generate the report. Your customers and stakeholders are interested only in meaningful metrics – this may lead to direct website visits and branded searches to lead to brand awareness, or conversion and sales. If you report on everything, then not only are you failing to highlight what is most important, you are probably overwhelming the person who reads it.

First of all, explore the business objectives and goals and start marking the marketing metrics as decided. Typically, these stats include the following:

  • Conversions/lead
  • Channel sources
  • Revenue
  • Cost per acquisition/lead
  • Clicks
  • Purchase
  • Organic Keywords/paid keywords
  • Paid search ads
  • Bounce rate
  • Social interactions

marketing report

Marketing Reports Examples

Lead Dashboard

Campaign Profile

Web Traffic

The Conclusion

A well design report provides you with all the data that you need to make decision and to take action. They need to be structured enough to ensure that you can get good information that boost your existing strategy.

If you are likely to create a structured report for your stakeholder, then you can start your EzDataMunch Free Trial Today!

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