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Why Patient care analysis is important for Hospitals?

Analysis/KPIs to monitor Patient Care

1) Patient Analysis
  • Number of patients by gender, age group, and demographics.
  • No of admissions, re – admissions and discharges.
2) Patient Arrival Analysis
  • No of arrivals and average number of arrivals per day.
  • Average arrival time to room by hour & day.
  • Average arrival to nurse and average arrival time to provider / physician.
  • Average arrival to bed and average arrival to discharge.

healthcare business intelligence patient flow analysis

3) Patient Wait Time Analysis
  • Average wait time cycle (Average wait time divided by No. of patients).
  • Average wait time by day.
  • Average wait time in waiting rooms.
  • Patient wait times by process step.
  • Patient vs. staff ratio.
4) Asset Utilization rate
  • Bed utilization rate and bed or room turnover.
5) Length of Stay Analysis
  • Patient flow, hospital admit % and average length of stay (ALOS).
  • Percentage of patients who stayed for 30 days and 90 days, in comparison to the targets.
  • No of arrivals vs. No. of discharges.

healthcare business intelligence patient flow analysis

6) Occupancy Rate
  • Total number of rooms, waiting rooms, and total ICU units.
  • Average number of patient rooms In use at one time.
7) Readmission Rate
  • No of admissions and % of re-admissions.
  • Re-admissions in comparison to the targets (30-days / 90-days).
  • Average number of days to re-admit, in comparison to the benchmarks.
  • Readmission – average length of stay for 30-day and 90-day stay.
8) Patient Satisfaction Survey
  • Patient experience score
  • Admission process score
  • Quality of physician care
  • Quality of nursing care
  • Housekeeping score
  • Quality of food

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How to improve the Patient Care, and Patient Satisfaction levels?

1)  Overall Patient Experience:
  • Respect for the patient.
  • Giving opportunity to patients to discuss their concerns, beliefs and preferences.
  • Supporting patient choice.
  • Sharing information with partners, family members and carers.
2) Quality of Administrative process:
  • Administrative simplicity.
  • Single point of contact.
  • Ease of scheduling appointments and On-time appointments.
  • Patient’s access to medical records.
  • Ease of outstanding bill and value for money.
  • Proper forecasting, scheduling of appointments and adequate information about the waiting times.
  • Automating few of the manual activities viz., registration, scheduling appointments, triage process, physician allocation, information regarding the waiting rooms, alignment of capacity and demand etc.
  • Minimizing the length of time spent in undesirable states (registration, queries regarding the physician’s availability, waiting rooms, insurance etc.).
  • Redesign of waiting areas.
  • Facilities in the waiting rooms to minimize the patient frustration to some extent, viz., complimentary food / beverages, TV and free Wi-Fi.
  • Streamlining of the discharge process. For example, eliminate / minimize the procedural formalities in discharging the patients.
  • Adequate and clear information and instruction about all procedures, both medical and administrative.
3) Quality of Physician care:
  • Doctor empathy
  • Well trained physicians and nurses, providing high quality health care.
  • Outcome of procedure / care.
  • Connection with other caregivers.
  • Use of newer technologies for diagnosis, operative procedures and treatment.
4) Quality of Nursing care:
  • Nurse empathy.
  • Keeping patient informed.
5) Quality of Housekeeping:
  • Comfortable waiting rooms.
  • Cleanliness of room.
  • Room appearance.
  • Quiet environment.
  • Amenities viz., online tools and resources.
  • Facilities.
  • Parking.
  • Better administration, infrastructure / facilities.

healthcare business intelligence patient satisfaction dashboard

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