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If you have learned many programming languages but not settled in your career, QlikView can definitely boost your career. As a QlikView Developer, I would like to share my thoughts here.

QlikView is growing rapidly. With over 30,000 customers, demand for skilled QlikView Developer’s is higher than ever before! QlikView is the only in-memory tool with ETL engine to transform data from various data sources.

The good news is that to become a QlikView Developer you don’t need a PhD in statistics to crack the data visualization code.

The Six main Pre-requisites to become a Quality QlikView Developer:

  • Basic knowledge of SQL
  • Data Understanding
  • Understanding the Business
  • Knowledge of data model
  • Layout Designing
  • Practice & Hard work

1. Basic knowledge of SQL

No prior programming experience is needed other than basic understanding of SQL, and VB Script, if you require macros or advanced automation. Good SQL Knowledge will get you through the Load Script and Joins. Most companies store their data in databases and you need to understand SQL querying/programming to extract the data.

Ability to read & write SQL queries is a good skill for any QlikView Developer. Good Excel Skills will also help with expression building for charts. The Excel Skills will help to work with lookup functions, String function and Pivot tables in QlikView.

how to become a qlikview developer

2. Knowledge of Data Model

Data model is the heart of the QlikView Application. Having good understanding of Data Model building techniques is big plus to become a Quality QlikView Developer. Once you have a better idea of how you plan to use the data, and what information is important, it will help you in designing your Data Model.

We should know about Table Structure viz., what is the fact table and what is the dimension table, and also whether we are aware of the linking between the tables and fields.

data knowledge

3. Data Understanding

Information can be visualized in a number of ways, each of which can provide a specific insight. When you start to work with your data, it is important to identify and understand the story you are trying to tell, and the relationship you are looking to show.

Knowing this information will help you select the proper visualization to best deliver your message. QlikView Developer should also be good in Data Visualization.

When analysing data, search for patterns or interesting insights that can be a good starting point for finding your story. Your data is only as good as your ability to understand and communicate it effectively, which is the core focus of the developer.

data understanding to become qlikview developer

4. Understanding the Business

For a QlikView dashboard to be of maximum use to a business, it should present insights from every area of that business. This requires the QlikView Developer to have a real understanding of the business and the processes that make it happen. Not only solving problems and designing functionality, it is very important to know the data you are going to deal with.

It is very easy to start development just thinking about the tables, columns and rows, however, you will soon hit the brick wall, just after finishing the scripting. Understanding business data rules is a critical aspect to calculate KPI’s and measures. Last thing you want is a good looking application with jaw-dropping functionality, but not answering any business questions.

As a Developer, we all get excited solving problems and designing functionality, but it is very important to understand the business data for successful QlikView application.

business understanding for qlikview developer5. Layout Designing

Please be aware about great aesthetics that are required to design effective and efficient dashboards, and set analysis. They really simplify the dashboards. If we understand the business requirements, then we can easily create a very attractive dashboard.

EZ mac6. Practice and Hard work

The only way to attain success is through practice and hard work.

New skills to become qlikview developer

I am listing some of the most useful resources below:

  • Qlik Community:

Create your ID to become a part of Qlik Community. It is a QlikView global online community. Communities help you a lot while learning, can help get answers to your questions, and provides simplified description for complex topics by bloggers. It has discussion forums, blogs and resource library. This is the best place for a QlikView Developer to learn many advanced topics.

  • Blogs:

Qlikview blogs also very helpful to learn all basic and advanced topics. There are many blogs having good presence, for example Analyticsvidhya.com, quickintelligence.co.uk, Qlikfix.com.

  • QlikView Facebook Groups:

Facebook has some excellent groups to ask questions and connect with other Qlikview professionals. Below are lists of some Groups:

  • QlikView Tips,
  • QlikView Enthusiast,
  • QlikView Professionals
  • Help Menu in QlikView:

This is the best place to find the answers for all the QlikView questions and a best place to learn about many QlikView functions.

  • Resources:

I would strongly recommend you to read “QlikView 11 for Developers” and “QlikView Reference Manual”.

  • YouTube Demos:

When creating a QlikView application, there are many best practices to keep in mind like Design and user experience, Data Visualization, etc. So check the demos if you are in a hurry. But if you have the time, try reading books and websites about these topics.

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Laxmi Bhavani

Laxmi Bhavani

Developer Qlik View - Qlik Sense

Laxmi Bhavani is working as a Developer (QlikView and QlikSense) for the past two years, involved in end-to-end implementation of Business Intelligence (BI) projects, especially in modeling, designing scorecards, KPIs, reports, and dashboards. She was also involved in QlikView Server Architecture, NPrinting, Testing and Deployment of Qlikview / Qlik Sense applications. In the past two years, she has worked in several domains viz., Financial, Sales, Transportation, Healthcare, Crime Analytics and Supply Chain performance reporting.

Anjani D

Anjani D

Developer Qlik View - Qlik Sense

Anjani is working as a Developer (QlikView, QlikSense and Tableau) for the past two years, involved in development of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, especially in designing, modeling, data sources integration, and advanced GUI of applications with complex multiple data sources. She was also involved in deploying of applications on servers, and managing the security for User/Data/Object access. She has experience working on several domains viz., Hospitality, Healthcare, Telecom, Retail, Insurance and Media.

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