Hotel Data and Analytics

Hoteliers don't always consider data to be a fundamental tool in their daily operations. Hotel data focus on making guests happy than crunching numbers. So why does data matter to hotels? Because at the end of the day data is just information. When we look at the...

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Patient Care Analysis

Why Patient care analysis is important for Hospitals? In a 2009 report called "Crossing the Quality Chasm", the U.S. Institute of Medicine defined patient - centred care as: “providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs,...

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7 ways analytics can help Supply Chain.

There are multiple factors that affect the success of supply chain process. These factors can be divided into four broad categories such as Political, social, economical and technology. Each category encompasses various elements such as increased regulatory pressure,...

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3 Key Factors Driving Effective Mobile BI Experience

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The level of acceptance by the end user measures business intelligence success in any organization. The simplicity in using the solution, the accuracy of the information and the speed of representing the important KPIs and metrics add’s on to the success of business intelligence efforts. As per a Gartner report, Mobile is the most significant consumer technology when it comes to enhancing BI adoption.

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